Must Haves for a Winter Wedding. . .

Winter is the season where you need to take utmost care of oneself and it you are attending a wedding in this season ten there are things which you must have. Winter is full of excitement and festive and wedding vibes, what would be better than celebrating a wedding in winter holidays with full family and friends gathering, the level of enjoyment in such a happening gathering is amazing.
So enjoy more and feel not be tortured by the cool weather of the season here are some of the items you must have in your closet if you are attending a wedding these winters.

  1. Scarves:
    Scarves are the essentials in winters, they come in different styles so of them are woven which can be worn on jeans and tops while traveling while the ethnic scarves which are generally made of very thick fabric can be used by you to wear while attending the winter wedding. These scarves will add more grace to your ethnic look.
  2. Loads and loads of Lip Balm:

    Winter is the season when you actually need a lot and lots of lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and save them from cracking and becoming rough. Winter season invites lots of colours, but only some of them bring the best from you, so if you are attending a winter wedding dark shades of lipsticks are something you must have in your beauty pouch and an essential request do use lip balms in lots and lots of quantity.
  3. Hot Pashminas:

    Pashminas are always in fashion and suits any age (be it a teenager or old women), pashminas add beauty to their look without considering age factor. Pashminas from Kashmir are very famous. These blanket sized scarves are very useful and if wearing pullover does not compliment your look at a wedding you can always opt for a pashmina shawl.
  4. New in fashion -Mojaris:

    Mojaris are necessary to complete your Indian wedding outfit look. Mojaris are the footwear which goes with any style of ethnic Indian wear. These mojaris look very beautiful with all the sequinned work and astonishing vibrant colours. Mojaris are not only for females they have their male branch also. Mojaris for male are slightly similar to the ones made for women, but be it male or female mojaris do compliment the ethnic look of both the genders.
  5. Quirky socks:

    Not every time during the wedding you will be wearing ethnic outfit; there will be times where you will need these quirky socks which will surely give you a sense of comfort from the chaos of the wedding. These socks will keep your feet warm and will make you feel comfortable. So, quirky printed socks are also required to be added to your list for essentials of a winter wedding.
  6. Layer it up and go for long churidar sleeves:

    Talking about the outfit to be worn on the wedding, it is better if you layer it up with different and creative layers of clothing so that you keep your body safe from chilly winds and also you can add churidar sleeves to your outfit. These churidar sleeves will hide your winter goose bumps for sure and also they look really elegant while covering your arms and keeping you warm.

These were some of the essentials you must have while attending a winter wedding. Happy wedding season!


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