Google is our savior. There is nothing that Google doesn’t know and there are no questions to which Google doesn’t have answers. We sure use Google daily and can’t imagine in what position we would be if wasn’t for Google. However, somewhere on the Internet, there is some stuff that we should never touch.  For whatsoever reasons, ‘googling’ certain things should be restricted and avoided. Here are few things that should never be ‘googled’:

  1. Information about drugs or medical issues

    Google does say that it blocks advertisers from remarketing especially based on user’s sensitive information such as religious beliefs or health information. Google’s privacy policy reserves the right to record whatever you search, link them with your IP address and use that very information to target ads. It has been recently found in a research that googling medical and drug information is a huge risk. Leaked or stolen medical information is trafficked on a routine basis to criminal websites and can be used for medical frauds or scams. Also, third parties can match your medical search results and so can advertisers.
  2. Anything slightly suspicious

    A few years back when a New York-based family searched for few terms such as “pressure cooker”, “backpack”; they invited investigation by local authorities. This happens when some of the searches are often merged, you click a lot of links one by one and thus those things together may have seemed suspicious. This should be specially avoided when at work since there would be someone or something keeping a watch on what you are up to. People’s Google search history has been used to convict them of crimes they have been involved in. Thus, Google can be highly misused and a simple search can also be misinterpreted.
  3. The keyword “Blue Waffle”

    No, it is not at all related to waffles let alone blue waffles. In fact, what surfaces when this keyword is entered is highly gross and disturbing. Blue Waffle is actually some diseased genitalia. This is one of the few keywords that can betray us and actually scare you.
  4. Your E-mail Address

    You might be interested in knowing what comes up when you enter your e-mail address in the search bar. But better not do so since it may probably lead to spam accounts, stolen passwords, accounts being hacked and so on.
  5. The keyword “Clock Spider”

    This search would actually give you a creepy feel. If you are even slightest scared of spiders or you are arachnophobe, don’t search this on Google. You would probably not sleep for few days after that.
  6. Pain Olympics

    It’s all about how much pain can you tolerate and more. The Body Modification Ezine sponsors the Pain Olympics and you will be graced with competitors who would be ready to go to any lengths to win. By any lengths, we actually mean any unimaginable lengths. It is not a pretty sight.
  7. The Keyword “Skin Conditions”

    When you click on images after entering this keyword, you would be horrified by what you see. You would see the most disgusting skin conditions there is today on the planet. This would probably haunt you for rest of the week.

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