Being Unmarried at 25 in India. . .

The one thing Indian parents want for their daughters other than 99.99% in boards is to get married and be settled with a deserving husband. But when you are 25 and not married, this is what you will go through in your everyday life.

  1. The wedding flood:

    As soon as you log in Facebook or Instagram you see a flood of weddings, baby shower, and engagements. Your page is so spammed with all weddings that you sometimes feel, you should deactivate your account for good.
  2. The ethnic crisis:
    Since everyone around you is getting married, you are tired of shopping ethnic clothes. There was a time when your wardrobe was all about shorts and tees and look at you now, you are shopping only ethnic just to fit in the wedding.
  3. Get hitched:
    Every aunty around you thinks that it is high time you get hitched and they look at you like you are a piece of Kebab. You are their point of discussion and they keep suggesting you to get married.
  4. The infertility: 
    Get married soon was not enough! You hear aunties and your mom going gaga about how women these days face a lot of problems with fertility and they have to go through a lot of treatment because they are old by the time they plan a kid. Well, we suggest that you can say ‘ Talk to my hand’ to these auntrepreneurs.
  5. The profile pictures:  
    You are flooded with pictures of the suitable match for you. Your parents seem to like every photo they see and you seem to hate every photo they show you. Even worse is you meet these people you saw pictures of and then, there is a constant pressure saying, ‘Beta pasand aaya na?’
  6. The office:
    You even star hating office because there seems to be a storm of weddings even at the office. And you hate it.
  7. Invitation: 
    Your mails and post deliveries are wedding invites of your cousins and friends.
  8. Classmates:  
    When you meet these classmates at your friend’s wedding, even they ask you about your love life and what is your status. “Are you engaged?” “Are you married?” “What about that guy you were dating in high school?”
  9. Stupid conclusion:

    Because you don’t seem to be interested in the wedding, your relatives and neighbors start guessing and spreading rumors “Lagta hai, Kahi Chakkar Chal raha hai.”
  10. The real you:
    But whatever be the case deep down you are happy and content that you are having a beautiful life that is meaningful.

    wp.thebigfatindianwedding.comThe point is that you are not married till now, because you did not find the right match. Marriage is a life long commitment and you know you will settle down when you find the one for yourself and right now it is the time to focus on your career and beat the competition.


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