India is known as a land of religion and with religion comes superstitions. If we go back in time, we can trace the origin of superstitions to the Vedic age. That was the time when rituals were meant to be means of employment for the priests who actually got a lot of undue importance. Since then, nothing has actually changed and rituals, superstitions have become inherent in any Indian common man. It is blindly followed till today however nowadays education does play a major role in making people realize what is the difference between beliefs, myths, and facts. Here are some of the craziest superstitious facts that people of India follow:

  1. Bad Luck Comes In Three

    It was strongly believed and is still believed that if there are three people doing a certain job, the particular job would be ruined. As our ancestors used to say, “Teen tigada kaam bigada”. There is no logic behind this. Two people or four people doing a certain job would be totally okay, but not three.
  2. A Crow Cawing in your house’s compound means a guest will visit you

    We have all grown up hearing this but how many times has this actually happened? If a crow is sitting somewhere near your window or anywhere else in your compound and is cawing, that indicates you would soon get guests. No one really knows where this originated from.
  3. All about Lizards

    There are a whole lot of beliefs about lizards in our society. Some people believe that lizard chirping on the left is bad omen while lizard chirping on the right is good. If a lizard falls on the head, it means you will soon see a death while if it falls on the face you will soon see a relative. If it falls somewhere on upper lip it means you will face loss while if it falls on the lower lip, it means you will get some gains.
  4. Never exchange salt directly using your hands

    Salt should never be exchanged directly using hands. Just keep it near the person so that the person can take it on his own. If the person is given salt directly, you would end up a fight with him and he would become your enemy.
    Howling of dog in the night indicates a death
    It is strongly believed that howling of a dog in the night indicates that the death is around the corner. How about considering the fact that maybe the dog is communicating? As it nowadays, dog howling at night has become very common.
  5. About Number 13

    This is a very common superstition that is believed by almost everyone in India believes in. there actually is a fear about this number. People don’t start anything new on the date 13, some buildings don’t have the 13th floor, and some societies don’t have Number 13 bungalow and so on. Chandigarh doesn’t even have Sector 13.
  6. A Black Cat crossing your path

    A black cat crossing your path when you are off to do something good or anything for that matter is considered a bad omen. You must let someone else go ahead so that the bad omen falls on them instead of you. However some people even believe that owning a black cat is a good sign, it just shouldn’t cross your path.


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