In an Indian society, if a person is not married by the time he or she is 30, people start worrying more than the person himself. There is no such rule that the person has to find his or her soul mate in their 20s. It absolutely doesn’t mean that the person is doomed and has no future ahead. Somehow, it is totally ok if you are single in your 20s. It is a personal choice and that’s how it should remain. Here are a few reasons why it is ok to be single in your 20s:

  1. You make your career

    While today, being married or being committed doesn’t mean that you don’t make a successful career but being single while you are at the crucial point of your career does make a difference. You get more time to figure out what you really want and where you want to take your life.
  2. Travel Solo

    Have as many adventures as you can and travel as much as you can. Sure, you can travel after you would get married or committed and maybe there would be more fun in travelling with your soul mate yet nothing would match the fun and experience you would have in travelling along. It would be a life-learning experience.
  3. Can Settle Abroad for Few Years

    You can take up that job opportunity you get overseas, gather some necessary experience and take a leap that would take your career to new heights. Living overseas would make you an altogether new person and maybe for better. Living alone overseas and not under the shadow of your parents would be an experience of a lifetime.
  4. Save Money for Yourself

    You can actually save money on literally everything. Save the money for yourself, your future investments, the things you always wanted to buy, spend the money on your parents and whatever else you want to do. This would be the great time to learn financial management.  Learn to budget or spend lavishly, do whatever you wish.
  5. Grow Personally

    When in a relationship, you would be highly affected by your partner’s choices, likes, and dislikes or doings. It would highly affect your life and decisions. However, if you are single, there would be no such thing and you can take all the decisions yourself. You have a chance to grow personally, in every aspect and make the most out of everything.
  6. You may Experience Dating Other People

    You may have some dating experience which would help you learn what you want or don’t want in your potential life-partner. That will give you a good insight and would help you take the decision regarding your life-partner in future. Choosing whom you want to spend life with is a huge and difficult decision and this would definitely help you loads.
  7. Your Free Time Is All Yours

    You won’t be having any social responsibilities or any other social functions to go to. You will be free to spend your free time the way you want to. Spend the time lazing around or with your friends, go shopping or go movie binging. The call will be all yours.

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