While there is no necessity to classify everyone into extroverts and introverts, people do classify themselves into whether they are introvert or extrovert. Being an introvert doesn’t mean they do not enjoy other people’s company instead they enjoy selected people’s company. They prefer opening up only when needed. Not everyone would get why they are wired this way. Here are few things only introverts will understand:

  1. They actually need to recharge after socializing for long

    Social interactions would actually drain them. No matter how fun or awesome they are they would, in fact, need to recharge themselves after socializing for long. Even if they would be excited about going to some social function, they would want to get out of there soon enough.
  2. They love it when some event or party is cancelled
    Maybe not really “love” but they would surely be relieved. It would mean they would get to spend some alone time. They enjoy one-on-one conversation rather than group conversations. Thus they would surely be secretly happy when some event or party would be cancelled.
  3. For them, it’s party time when they are spending weekend alone
    Spending some alone time, watching movies, reading is what they love doing best. It doesn’t mean they are lonely. Introverts just need to spend some alone time. Most people would hate not going out on weekends but not those who are introverts. That doesn’t mean every weekend would be this way but maybe every alternate weekend. They just need to maintain the balance of spending outside time with alone time.
  4. They find people who talk too much irritating
    They would wish these people would just shut up. Non-stop talkers definitely would irritate them. They can only handle them till some limited time and not for long. They would believe that silence is solitude and silence speaks more.
  5. They get nervous when you have to talk to someone new
    They may get nervous when they have to talk to someone they don’t know. The other person might feel that they are being shy but they need time to get used to the situation, the person, and the conversation. They would be themselves only after they are comfortable with the overall situation.
  6. They have few selected friends
    They have few selected friends and these are the ones with whom they would be themselves. They would enjoy their company and can spend hours with them.  However, making new friends would be difficult for them. Few friends but very deep relationships, that’s what introverts are.
  7. Too many social obligations makes them grumpy
    They would totally hate social obligations. It would make them moody and grumpy. They would need to get out of touch with everyone to overcome it. They need to recharge themselves, relax their minds to face yet another day.
  8. They love being one with nature
    Introverts love spending time with nature. That’s where they feel at one, can be themselves and also get solitude. They are very observant and thus being with nature would re-energize them. Getting out of city life or even spending some time in the park would make them feel great.

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