These Not So Smart Actions of The Smartphones Will Blow Your Mind. . .

Smartphones are the most efficient gadget of all times, right from booking tickets to planning your diet chart you can do everything. It is like the Jinne of the lamp but even that Jinne sometimes wants a break and you can see below what it leads too when our smartphones get lazy and don’t want to work.

  1. Clean your disk, you have no space

    You are traveling and you see a beautiful landscape and as soon as you move forward to click it your phone ran out of space and so did the train.
  2. Autocorrect

    Sometimes you feel like telling it, ” You only write, I won’t”.
  3. Network Issues

    You are paying your electricity bill and suddenly your internet is gone and you were in the middle of a transaction after submitting the OTP. I know how it feels.
  4. Everyone wants to get updated

    There is this time of the month when every single app on your phone, some which you might have not even used for once, will come and say to you update me. This message will come 20 times a day.
  5. Your Butt and your phone are best friends

    When you just sat down comfortably but wait, your phone dialed your college’s most strict professor at 11 pm in the night without your concern.
  6. When it gets fed up with you

    It was just a second ago with you but in the next one it jumps down and all you can hear is a crack sound of your screen.
  7. Voice Commands

    Here again what ever you say it will do what ever it wishes to.
  8. When you by mistake like a picture of the ancient era on someone’s social media profile

    You were just adoring your crush’s profile but you like one of her school time photograph.
  9. Low light selfies

    In the commercial advt. it was all fine but now when you want to take a stunning low light selfie all you get is vain.

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