This Is The World’s Most Horrifying & Adventurous Fort. . .

India is a land of diversity. Diversity in food, language, culture, religion, etc but there is diversity in other things as well. Which ever place you visit in India there is an old story associated with it and sometimes horror stories. The Bhangarh Fort is one of them to which there are a lot of horror stories attached. Some say that they have experienced it and some have heard them from their ancestors.

  1. About the fort

    The fort is in Rajasthan which is in the west side of the Indian region. It was built by Man Singh who was a relative of Empress Jodha, wife of King Akbar. The place is full of trees and small ponds.
  2. What the Archaeological Survey of India has to say!

    ASI has strictly prohibited people from the village or tourist to enter the fort at night. As it is not safe.
  3. There are a lot of stories that surround the fort and its destruction

  4. Shadow of the fort was the reason of its destruction

    The area in which the fort is located was once used as a place for meditation by Guru Bala Nath. The king took his permission to construct the fort but the Guru had kept one condition….
  1. What was it?

    He had said that he can construct the fort but in a manner that the shadow of his fort did not fell on the new place of Guru’s meditation. But the fort’s shadow fell on the prohibited place and through his powers he ruined the entire fort and even today if someone tries to construct something it collapses.
  2. Another One

    Ratnavati was the princess of Bhangarh. She was mesmerizingly beautiful. A tantric named Singhia fell in love with her and as she was was the royal family he knew that he could never marry her. But he made a plan of using his black magic through which he could marry the princess. He enchanted the oil used by the princess but the princess saw it. She poured all the oilinthe ground. Then something destructing occurred
  3. A huge rock was formed.

    The oil turned into a rock and that rock crushed the TantrikSanghia, before dying he cursed that the city will not have any rebirths. Afterthis in a battle Ratnavati was assassinated and she never returned back.
  4. No tourist allowed before sunrise and after sunset.

    People say that they have heard screaming, crying, and sounds of bangles. There is a significant smell too. They have seen lights, sounds, and shadows as well.


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