Things You Do You Shouldn’t Be Guilty of In a Relationship. . .

A relationship is a very tender matter. There are a lot of aspects which one has to see in a relationship. Being in a relationship is not always the greener side of the grass but one has to do a lot of sacrifices as well. But there are few perks too of being in a relationship.

  1. Lies which are for good

    Just to make your partner happy you can tell that the food is awesome even if she has not added salt in it. The new shoes are fabulous won’t hurt your relationship.
  2. Not sharing everything

    You are two people who had their own past and if some incidences or mistakes of your past would hurt your present then better is to keep a finger on your lips.
  3. Having doubts is normal

    You might be a very open minded and might have clear thoughts but still there are times when you will feel jealous if your partner’s phone is engaged since the last one hour or her day is off and still she has no plans with you.
  4. Unavoidable Mistake: Pregnancy

    Your partner might get pregnant but due to the heat of the moment is happened and trust me it is alright. You both are equally responsible and you should figure out the solution together.
  5. From selfless to selfish

    Time will also come when you will think about your benefits first. Self-love is very important.
  6. Family is important too

    Parents should be your priority, they don’t ask for your time everytime. But giving them what they deserve is very important. Your partner would understand that too.
  7. What you are is because of your career

    Your personal and professional life should be balanced. If there are times when you need to give more time to your career then you should definitely give. What you invest today will give you back tomorrow.
  8. Missing Special days

    You had a fight with him because you forgot his birthday, even he too can forget yours. Fighting over these silly things is not right there are much bigger problems to handle.
  9. Space is needed

    It is not necessary that you will always want to be your loved one. Your best friend who lives overseas or your college friends, a hangout with them will make you feel good.
  10. Sleeping Vs Talking

    Your body needs a particular amount fo sleep so that it can function properly the next day. It happens that you are so tired that after coming home all you see is your bed.

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