10 Quirky Yet Bizarre Festivals In India That Will Leave You Fascinated. . .

India remains high on festivals all around the year. With a country like ours, we celebrate countless festivals every now and then. We are known to have stories around every festival and most of them go beyond the realm of rationality. As you are gearing up for the major festivals starting this month, we have curated a list of 10 unusual and rather quirky festivals from all around the country that will definitely fascinate you –

  1. Nag Panchami or Festival of the snakes
    There is a reason why India is called as the land of snake charmers. The fifth day of Shravan is celebrated as Nag Panchmi where nags or snakes are worshipped. It is even believed that snakes do not bite on this day. Devotees offer them milk as well as rats.1406931721005-ap-aptopix-india-snake-worshiphindunews.com
  2. Puli Kali or Play of the tiger
    The Thrissur region of Kerala bustles with energy on this day as trained artists get dressed up as tigers and take over the streets. They are painted in all bright colors and it offers an amazing spectacle.pulikali-1discoveringindia.net
  3. Celebration of menstruation
    As weird as it sounds and gets, the celebration of annual menstruation at the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati is done during Ambubachi Mela. During this festival, the temple is shut for three days every year and is believed to go red as the goddess is going through her menstrual cycle. It brings a flock of sadhus, tantriks and people making for an extraordinary gathering.97705625-1540-bsaddahaq.com
  4. Thaipoosm Festival
    This festival is a proof that faith can make people do wonders. The festival is celebrated during month of Thai in Tamil Nadu to honor Lord Murugan. The devotees exercise fasting for 48 days and pierce their tongue, cheeks and other parts of the bodies. It is definitely not for faint hearted! akankashad-feb2015-thaipusam-shutterstockhumanresourcesonline.net
  5. Aadi Festival of Tamil Nadu
    The festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu on 18th day of the month of Aadi with a weird tradition. The devotees gather at Mahalakshmi temple in Karur district and let the priest smash coconuts on their heads willingly. It is believed to bring good luck and health.17schoopwhoop.com
  6. Lath Maar Holi
    India is known for Holi, the festival of colors, but who knew there is another version of Holi as well. In the region of Barsana in Mathura, women chase or beat men with lath or sticks just like Lord Krishna was chased when he was teasing the women of the area as per the legends. Whosoever like a nice beating can get geared up for it!barsana-nandgaon-holi-2015-7sid-thewanderer.com
  7. Dhinga Gavar Festival of Jodhpur
    This strange festival is rather fun and is celebrated in Jodhpur. The story connects to the Parvati (ganguar), Shiva’s wife, who once teased him by dressing up as a tribal woman. So people set up 11 statues of Dhinga gavar at various locations, adorned with 30kgs of gold. Women get dressed up as Hindu gods in various costumes and protect the statues. Also, offerings of cannabis are made to the statues of the deity.500_201605181463552849555726788shouut.com
  8. Jalikattu of Tamil Nadu
    The Spanish Bull-Fighting version of Indian festival is even more deadly. The angry and wild bulls are chased by men to snatch the prize entangled in their horns. Many people have died during this extreme sport leading to its complete ban in 2014.jallikattu-500x305scooptimes.com
  9. Bani Festival
    Celebrated in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, this festival is literally the way to get killed or kill. Thousands of devotees gather at Devaragattu Temple and wield lathis at each other’s head during midnight. Even if people are drenched in blood, the festival goes on till the dawn.andhra2hindustantimes.com
  10. Agni Kheli or Fire Festival
    The Fire festival is celebrated in Mangalore every year where devotees wear noting but a loincloth and throw fire balls at each other. The festival is full of danger and can be called nothing less than an extreme sport.

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