8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jayalalitha. . .

Jayalalitha had spent most of her life in the public spotlight. She was a successful movie star in 60’s and 70’s and queen of Tamil politics in later part of her life. She will always stay in people’s hearts and would be remembered as a very smart politician and a talented actress. She had such loyal followers that many people committed suicide or even attempted suicide after hearing about her death. Here are some truths about Amma, which many people don’t know:

  1. Accepted Re 1 as salary
    It is reported that Jayalalitha had refused to accept her salary cheque of her first term as Tamil Nadu’s chief minister. She only withdrew Re 1 as her salary and mainly as a sign of token.
  2. First heroine to appear in western clothes
    Jayalalitha was first actress who appeared onscreen wearing western clothes like knee-length dresses, gowns, skirts and such in Tamil movies in the 60’s. She was also the first Tamil actress to wear sleeveless blouse and dance under a waterfall for a song.
  3. Was highest paid actress at some point of time
    Jayalalitha has acted in over 140 Bollywood movies out of which many were huge hits. It is reported that between the time periods of 1965-1980, she was one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood.
  4. Her First movie was rated “Adults Only”
    Jayalalitha’s first movie “Chinnada Gombe” was released in 1964 and was rated “Adults Only”. However, the irony is Jayalalitha herself couldn’t watch her own movie in theaters since she was only 16 at that point of time.
  5. She holds a Guinness Book of World records
    She holds the world record for hosting “largest wedding reception”. She had organized a very lavish wedding reception for her adopted son Sudhagaran. More than 150,000 guests were invited to this wedding party that was held at the 50-acre ground in Chennai. It was estimated that the cost of the wedding was approximately Rs 10 crore.
  6. Chief Minister who had no portfolio
    Jayalalitha had no portfolio in her hands while she was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Even though she was the Chief Minister, it was her most trusted aide O. Paanneerselvam who was in charge of all the office responsibilities. She never took any portfolio responsibilities; it was O. Paanneerselvam who did so on her behalf.
  7. A stampede took place when she attended mahamakam festival
    When she was a Chief Minister, Jayalalitha was to bathe in public when she attended Mahamakam festival at Kumbakonam, which is said to be the Kumbhmela of South India. At that point, hundreds of people thronged the area to catch her glimpse. The sections where she was said to have the ritual bath were not open for public and heavy security was too placed there. But because of a high number of people, a stampede took place and nearly 50 people are said to have died because of that.
  8. She dreamt of becoming a lawyer
    She was a very bright student and had won the state award for standing first in Class 10th board exams. She was also given the award when she left the school for Best Outgoing student of the year. She had dreamt of being a lawyer but she then got into films and thus left her studies.

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