Incidents Which Ensure Presence of Spirits. . .

Are ghosts for real? Everyone has a different perspective towards it; there are a lot of incidents which prove that spirits and supernatural powers do exist. It becomes very difficult to make people believe in such things, but some people have actually experienced these situations of the presence of Ghosts or spirits. Spirits can be contacted through different methods which also ensure their presence.
Here are some of the stories of the presence of spirits or ghosts:

  1. Scary experience in Purulia District of West Bengal:
    Purulia district of West Bengal is known for its haunted stories. Once a group of college students went to visit forest bungalow from Calcutta. On their way, they were supposed to cross Purulia District, earlier the driver denied for travelling from that road but after convincing he agreed and went through the haunted road. After 1 hour, the gang realized that they have been crossing the same path since an hour. A few minutes later, they saw a lady walking in front of them and asked the way out. The lady didn’t say anything and pointed towards the right direction of the road, the driver turned the car and just when they were leaving one of the members of the gang turned back and saw the lady flying in the sky.
    The group got so scared that they took the car at high speed and ran as fast as they can. Fortunately, all of them were safe.
  2. Night in a Mumbai Hotel room:
    There is a story about a family who booked a hotel room in a Mumbai’s renowned hotel. When they came back to the hotel room after shopping and enjoying at the beach, their father started shivering very badly and said that he had a bad dream of lady shouting for justice. Just when the other members of the family were convincing their father, suddenly the father became ferocious and started speaking in the female voice and asking for justice, the family got scared and called hotel manager and the staff; the staff helped them to get out of that room. It was then when they got to know that a few months back a couple has come to stay in that room and the other night the lady was found murdered and the husband disappeared. Since then no one has ever been able to stay there.
  3. Ghost beach of Chennai:
    This beach of Chennai is known as ghost beach after Tsunami hit the southern part of Asia in the year 2004; the incident killed around 1 lakh people living on the ghost beach. Since then it is known that their spirits keep living on the beach and the locals named the beach as ghost beach. A lot of stories have been heard about people having real experiences of seeing the spirits and ghosts, who don’t harm but always scream for help.
  4. Greed to have a contact:
    A young lady lost her husband at very early stage of their marriage. Since then she was not able to forget him and missed him so much. One day she decided to make a contact with his husband in the spiritual world, she went to the person who could connect to the spirits and had a talk with his husband. Although some people do not believe these stories but after this incident, the women became very calm in life and focussed all her attention towards her children and work.It is not always necessary that spirits always harm someone in some or another way, spirits can be good too. It depends on the nature of their death. Believe it or not but SPIRITS DO EXIST!

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