Things Indian Moms say to their kids. . .

We all love Indian Moms, but don’t you think they are just over the top when it comes to drama and emotional blackmail. They also say things that are unreasonable sometimes, and you end up being so amazed by the things she says that, you have no comebacks. Here is a list of things that all Indian moms say.

  1. “Jab tere bacche honge tab tu samjhega”
    This is every Indian Mom’s comeback to anything that you do, that is not acceptable by her standards. If you say Ma “Please abhi irritate mat karo.” And there you go, she will end up saying “ Jab tere bacche tujhe ye bolenge tab tu samjhega….” And this story is never ending.
  2. “Kitna kamzor ho gaya hai”
    Doesn’t matter if you weigh a 90 kilo, you mom always thinks you are malnourished. Even if you try explaining her that, the gym instructor has asked you not to eat fat as you are too fat. She will still feed you aloo parathas with one scoop of butter because according to her that is what a healthy meal is.
  3. “Kisi ki nazar lagi hai”
    No matter how much you try to make her understand that the weakness is because of the flu you caught. She still thinks ki nazar lagi hai. She will end up telling you stories like, “Sharma ji ki biwi tujhe dekh rahi thi or tere dress pe uski nazar thi … tabhi toh you are not feeling well.”
  4. “Roti Gol Bana… nahi toh joote padenge sasuraal mein”
    Well, this one all mothers love. Every Indian mom tells her daughter to learn how to cook and make the roti round. According to her, if your roti ain’t round your in-laws will blame her that she did not teach you anything.
  5. Phone pe kaun tha/thi
    Ever encountered a situation where you did not pick your mother’s call because you were talking to someone else. Good luck! The next one hour you are getting a nice counselling on how you don’t care about her, how you will not pick up a phone if ever there is some important situation… and blah blah. Plus, she will have a major suspect that you are dating someone and she will try to find out who it was?
  6. Why do you want a night out?
    Every time you plan a night out, your mother has a problem. But she will not say it directly to you. She will tell ‘I am cool with it, ask Dad.’ And, on the other hand, she will put pressure on dad to screw your happiness.
  7. “Meri mannat ka phal”
    Have you ever encountered a situation where you performed extremely well and your Mom takes away all the credit saying ‘ Sab bhole naath ki kripa hai,’ ‘maine vrat jo rakha tha.’ Sometimes you feel that if mannat and vrat were everything you should not have put so much hard work
    But, whatever Indian Moms say is just a thing that they do to show how much they love you and worry about you. We all love our moms. They totally rock!

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