9 Bizarre World Records That Will Leave You Surprised. . .

The history of World Records is full of some really weird records that you would find hard to believe that they exist. But they do. Here, we are not just talking about really long fingernails but some odd records that tell about the wacky self of the record holder as well.


Some record holders have really pushed their limits to make some of the bizarre records that will intrigue you as well. Check out some of the best ones–

  1. Most toilet seat to be broken by head in a minute
    You must be wondering about the origin of this world record but yes, there is someone who made it actually. Kevin Shelley from the USA broke 46 toilet seats with his head in a minute. You can check out his video here.
  1. Ice contact endurance
    This might sound stupid but there are people who actually attempted it. The record, however, is held by Netherlands’ Wim Hof for spending 1 hour, 52 minutes and 42 seconds in ice with full body contact. Unbelievable right?

  1. Bursting three balloons with the back
    Sounds like fun? But it’s easier said than done. The record is held by Julia Gunthel of Germany who took just twelve seconds to burst three balloons using her back.
  1. Watermelons chopped on the stomach
    Cutting watermelon on someone’s stomach with a machete is dreading. Well, the record was held by Jim Hunter for cutting 25 watermelons in one minute on the stomach of Celia Curtis.
  1. Fastest time to fit into a zipped suitcase
    This challenging record is held by Leslie Tipton who packed herself live on a show and left the the audience dumbfound.
  1. Most hot peppers eaten
    Anandita Dutta Tamuly displayed her immense endurance of pain when she set a record of eating 51 hot peppers in just two minutes. The peppers were the hottest peppers on Earth called as Ghost Peppers.
  1. Hanging from a power drill and take most rotations
    This task requires a lot of endurance in your upper body. The record is though set by Germany’s Huy Giang who completed 148 rotations in a minute. Wow!
  1. Half-marathon while pushing a pram
    It may sound wacky but the record for pushing a pram while completing half-marathon is held by Nancy Schubring of the USA in the female category. She completed the marathon (half) in 1 hour, 30 minutes and 51 seconds.moxiewomanmag.com
  1. Loudest purr by a cat
    Yeah, it is not just about humans when it comes to record making. The loudest purr recorded by a domestic cat is 67.7dB and is held by the cat named Smokey.


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