10 Of The Coolest Start-ups In India Making Buzz. . .

Startups in India are everywhere. They have been proved promising and interesting. If you have a certain bent of mind that calls for something different instead of typical 9 to 5 job, then start up is just for you.


We have been reading about new start-ups every other day but there are some of them that are way cooler and interesting than we can imagine. Here are some of them –

  1. BarkNBond
    This Mumbai-based start-up is your answer to making sure that your canines have fun as well. They arrange picnics for your dogs and also help train them without the need to inflict cruelty.
  1. The Dress Bank
    If you are a fashion fanatic, then this start-up holds the answer to all your dressing up problems. Now you never have to repeat any cloth as you can rent them through their website. Pick any designer or brand you wish from their list.
  1. YourDOST
    If you are going through a distress but don’t want to share it with your closed ones, a counselor will always come to your rescue. That’s what YourDOST is aiming at. They provide you an online counselor to pour your heart into without any inhibitions.
  1. Feeding India
    The start-up is aiming to solve food problems of India by collecting leftovers from hundreds of restaurants and places so that it can be distributed to the needy people.
  1. Online Prasad
    Online Prasad is an awesome concept that arranges Prasad for you from over 100 temples across India. So you don’t have to bother going faraway places when you can get the Prasad at your doorstep.
  1. OyeHappy
    Most of us have busy schedules and we just can’t find time to surprise our loved ones. This is what OyeHappy will do on your behalf. Sounds cool, right?!
  1. ThinkScream
    Think about a garbage bin that doubles up as a Wi-Fi hotspot? Interesting right? That’s what the idea behind ThinkScream. The bin receives the trash and rewards you with free Wi-Fi.
  1. Wanted Umbrella
    We have matrimony sites for everyone but this start-up helps the disabled getting married with unique matches. Indeed, a thoughtful concept.
  1. Elanic
    Sometimes you feel like just throwing your old stuff but then you realize that the tags are still intact and it has got old-fashioned. What if you could sell it? That’s the concept of Elanic. You can sell your old clothes on it and the entire logistic will be taken care by Elanic.
  1. HowToTellYourChild
    Ever wondered how to educate children in a fun way? That’s what this start-up will do for you. They make fun videos to help you in educating kids and make the most of it.


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