9 Brainy Hollywood Celebrities With PhD, Masters And Other Advanced Degrees. . .

Many Hollywood A-listers are real brainy and we are talking about actual degrees and qualification here. They also had clear educational goals and they juggled with studies while on and off the set. Many of them had a different career path in mind, it seems.

They have realized their true potential to earn some impressive degrees while pursuing their higher education. Here are 9 brainy Hollywood celebrities who have earned the most advanced degrees in college –

  1. Ken Jeong
    The comedian who made it big in the comedy film Hangover is pretty qualified. He was a doctor before he joined films. He studied MD from University of North Carolina and was a licensed physician in California.
  1. James Franco
    James Franco had Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Columbia University and he was also going to pursue his PhD in English from Yale University. But he studied filmmaking instead and got Master’s degree in filmmaking from NYU.
  1. Rowan Atkinson
    The famous Mr. Bean holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The Queen’s College before he made it big on big screen.
  1. David Duchovny
    The X-Files actor holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from the famous Yale University. Eventually he dropped out from his doctoral to pursue acting.
  1. Dolph Lundgren
    The actor who played impressive roles in iconic movies like Rocky IV and The Expendables holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Sydney. He also got a Fulbright scholarship at MIT Boston.
  1. Mayim Bialik
    The Big Bang Theory star portrays the role of a science genius and she is one in real life as well. She has completed a triple major from UCLA in Hebrew, Jewish Studies and Neuroscience. She also did PhD in Neuroscience later.
  1. Shaquille O’Neal
    The former NBA star is good at academics as well. He earned a Ed.D degree in Education recently from Barry University. He had to wear triple XL robe on the convocation day.
  1. Gerard Butler
    He had been a hard-working student and earned a law degree from Glasgow University. He later admitted that his degree helped him during the initial days of acting whenever he had skirmishes with the police.
  1. Brian May
    The guitarist of legendary band Queen holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the Imperial College of London. He is now a Visiting Researcher at his university.

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