15 Reasons Why 2016 Was Unforgettable. . .

2016 was one hell of a year. But wait! It isn’t over yet. Well, 2016 is definitely going to be unforgettable. So many things happened around the world let alone India. The year 2016 was a potpourri of everything good and bad.

We can’t really comprehend 2016 so easily. It brought us some moments of low with some worst happening across the world yet it brought a relief to us in many ways. Let us see the most important highlights of 2016 that give us enough reason why we won’t be able to get over it yet –

  1. When it was dubbed the worst year with the death of Leonardo Cohen by the fans all over the world, sigh!
  2. We can’t really forget the whole hoopla of US Presidential Elections – Hillary vs Trump.
  3. The death of David Bowie, the greatest musician ever is something we can’t get over so easily.
  4. Pokemon Go took over the world, literally!
  5. Ice Bucket Challenge doing the rounds on the internet is still unforgettable.
  6. Rio Olympics inspired everyone across the globe.
  7. The death of Alan Rickman, the Snape in the Harry Porter movies, added to the blue mood.
  8. Donald Trump elected as the President of the USA. A pivotal moment in the history of US which many think that is going to prove disastrous.
  9. Zika Virus outbreak was another worse thing to happen to many people.
  10. Britain leaving the EU and Brexit trending all over the internet. Meanwhile, it didn’t get better for Britain.
  11. Memes like these about Pokemon Go made headlines all over.
  12. Meanwhile, the researchers tell that the ozone layer is repairing itself and all over efforts were worth it.
  13. Virtual Reality is finally a reality. Yeah! The good thing about 2016 which is going to open new horizons for VR in the years to come.
  14. “Game of Thrones” is yet not finished.
  15. Speaking of good things, Tiger population in the world is rising. 2016 brought more hope for the future.

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