11 Hilarious Comics that Describe the Struggle of Every Young Girl. . .

  1. We believe in the power of make-up, yeah! Hell yeah, I ended up inventing new problems while fixing the old ones, something that happened with each one of us. Sigh!
  2. When you spend all your salary on that one outfit to wear on a date but when you get back home, you feel otherwise. Was it the dressing room mirror or my home’s mirror or I am plain fat?!
  3. When your Yoga pose turns into a contemplating one and you are all full of thoughts and speculations about your life. It is like you are enlightened but in a weird way, LOL!
  4. When you are on a diet, to say the least! All day, you follow the strict regime of healthy eating and by the evening, your stomach rumbles and you just can’t control the real hunger for delicious desserts. Anyhow, you had enough of healthy moments, so you go anyway! NomNom!
  5. That awkward moment when you ask someone to take a picture of you! All the time you were thinking to look like a model but the actual picture is far from reality. I mean, what does it take to click a decent picture?! Trust in selfies restored!
  6. Every girl on periods be like…..Arrghhhh!
  7. You can relate to this if you are that girl who loves winters more than summers. Well, you know, winter has its own takeaways!
  8. When your hair simply refuses to cooperate and the reality of a half bun is way beyond than what it looks like in hair tutorials. You are all like, “Damn, I wasted my hair spray and whatnot!”
  9. That’s the story of every girl while she is waxing/shaving! No matter what, you will always leave some hair behind and trust me, you leave them on all the awkward places like this one here.
  10. Because a girl’s purse is a black hole or a door to the parallel universe! True fact it is!
  11. Every girl when her Wi-Fi is down. Because we all know how wishful we girls are! We love beating the crap out of everything.

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