9 People Who Got Discovered On Internet And Became Overnight Celebrities. . .

You don’t need some big connections to be famous in today’s era. All you need is an internet connection. No kidding folks! The years 2015 and 2016 were dominated by people who became the internet sensation overnight. Yeah!


They were not just google-able content but also the fresh faces who finally made it to the celebrity list. Here are 9 such people who got fame with the power of internet –

  1. Arshad Khan
    The famous ‘Chaiwala’ from Pakistan needs no introduction. He was spotted by a photographer and his candid photo soon went viral. The blue-eyed gorgeous chaiwala instantly bagged a modeling contract.
  1. Zeddie Little
    He is touted as the ‘most photogenic guy’ in the world, thanks to the 10K South Carolina race! He was captured by a photographer randomly during the race and in a few hours of his upload on Flickr and Reddit, he was pegged as the ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’ by the internet.
  1. Psy
    The ‘Gangnam Style’ singer became the overnight internet sensation after the release of his dance single. YouTube had a huge role in making him an overnight celebrity with over 700 million views on his song.
  2. Irvin Randle
    He is no ordinary grandpa but a fit and handsome one. He is quite famous over the internet and is also called as ‘Mr. Steal Your Grandma’.
  1. Pietro Boselli
    This Math teacher became an internet celebrity as soon as one of his students uploaded his picture on social media. Now he is being dubbed as the hottest math teacher alive.
  1. Lee Minwei
    This airport officer in Singapore went viral on the social media because of his incredibly good looks. Well, we would agree too.
  1. Omar Borkan Al Gala
    The internet heartthrob was the man who was deported from Saudi Arabia for being so dapper. He is unbelievably handsome and the story of deportation was later proved to be a hoax.
  1. Felix Baumgartner
    This skydiver broke records when he jumped from Earth’s Stratosphere. His live stream video became the most watched streaming event in the world history as well.
  1. Michelle Jenneke
    This Australian runner made people crazy with her warm-up routine. Her video on YouTube earned over 11 million views in a week and was also featured in various magazines.


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