9 Logical Reasons Behind Common Hindu Traditions. . .

The Hindu religion or culture came into being from the Vedic Culture or Religion. As every religion has some set of rules and regulations to be followed, Hinduism too has some. Hinduism is the ancient religion of the world. There are a lot of traditions which are followed like joining hands in front of the elderly or why are there temples in the bell, just to wake up the supreme power? There several different logic behind this, lets know more about them.

  1. Joining HandsVia
  2. This is a way of offering our respect to the one who is an elder to us or greeting them mannerly. The logic behind this tradition is when we join our hands together, the tips of our fingers meet and there is a slight pressure. This pressure presses our ears, eyes, and mind and when these points are pressed, we tend to remember the person whom we meet.
  3. Women wear toe ring ViaAs soon a girl is married it is mandatory for her to wear a toe ring. The ring generally is worn on the second toe. According to science, there is a nerve on the second toe which is connected to the uterus and heart. Silver catches the solar energy and transfers it to the body.
  4. Applying Tilak on ForeheadViaOne of the most important nerve points is Adnya Chakra is on our forehead when we apply kumkum on it the point gets pressed and it creates energy in our body.
  5. Temple Bells ViaThe traditions say that the sound of the bell keeps evil power away from the holy place. The scientific reason is when a human hears a sound of a bell it automatically makes our mind attentive. Another reason is that activates the healing centers in ou body.
  6. MehendiViaMehendi has medicinal qualities in it and during the time of the wedding, it helps in keeping our minds and hearts calm and peaceful.
  7. Piercing earsViaIt is believed that by piercing ears one’s capability of thinking increases.
  8. FastingViaThrough fasting, the organs in a human body get at ease and they recover themselves on their own.
  9. SindoorViaSindoor is made from turmeric, lime and metal mercury. Mercury is a starter of sexual drives. Sindoor touch our pituitary gland where our emotions are.
  10. Wearing BanglesViaIt is very important for a married woman to wear bangles as it a part of her make adornment. Bangles continuously touch our wrist and due to that blood circulation level increases.

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