8 Trendy Nose Rings Every Girl Should Try. . .

Nose rings are worn by Indian women for a long time. It is said to be a symbol of beauty. Majority of girls wear a simple nose ring while there are others who opt for a traditional nose ring style. Indian bridals often wear beautiful nose rings along with their traditional jewellery as they feel incomplete without it on their big day. Our Bollywood actresses also spotted with amazing nose rings in many movies and looked breathtakingly beautiful. Check out these gorgeous nose ring styles which every girl should try:

  1. This simple nose ring will look elegant whether you wear it at work, university or even at parties. You can also add stones to it for a classier look.
  2. This kundan nose ring will make you look modern and chick. If you want to attend a wedding or a party and don’t want to look like a bride, then this nose ring style is perfect to wear with your dress.timesofindia.indiatimes.com
  3. This maharashtrian nath will give your face a beautiful traditional look. Pair this beautiful accessory along with your saree and you are good to go.
  4. Bridal nose ring is probably the most important part of a girl’s wedding accessories. You can choose from simple to fancier nose rings. Try something like this that will make you look outstanding on your big day.
  5. Another stunning nath to wear on your wedding.  Pair it with other traditional kundan pieces and be the most stunning bride.www.pinterest.com
  6. Are you the bridesmaid on your sister or best friend’s wedding and want to look different? Then try this nose ring with open hair. It will give you very simple yet a modern look.www.pinterest.com
  7. Deepika Padukone looked extremely beautiful in traditional accessories in her movie Bajirao Mastani. Here is one of the most stunning looks of Deepika wearing a traditional nose ring which you should try on your wedding.
  8. Some girls want to go for a traditional yet modern look on their wedding. This nose ring is perfect for those who are not into something very fancy.

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