7 Best Revenge Gifts For Your Enemies. . .

We often come across many people in our lives who have wronged us in any way. It can be a coworker who has stressed you or it can be a close friend who has betrayed you or it can be your lover who has cheated on you. Karma pay backs to those people who have offended you. But are you one of those who can’t wait for karma to work and instead take revenge yourself? Then check out these gifts ideas which you can send to your enemies that will make them extremely annoyed. Make sure to not mention your name on any of the things.

  1. Glitter Bomb
    nymag.comA letter full of glitter is surely going to annoy your enemy. Imagine your coworker sitting in office with this gift and once it opens the entire glitter spill around? Sounds fun isn’t it?
  2. Empty Box
    www.humanresourcesonline.netThere is nothing more annoying than making a person excited with a big gift box and they end up opening it just to see there is nothing inside. Make sure to fill the box with lots of papers so it takes them much time to open.
  3. Melted Chocolates
    www.helloken.comEverybody loves chocolate but not the melted ones which stick to everything. You can gift a box of melted chocolate to your enemy. Once they open it, they will be pissed off by the look of chocolate liquid.
  4. Poop in a Box
    time.comSend them poop nicely wrapped in a gift box. Poop can be of any animal and it will surely make their blood boil with anger.
  5. Dead Flowers
    postgradproblems.comFlowers are one of the most favorite items in gifts but imagine how annoying it is to send a bouquet of dead flowers to someone? Try this out.
  6. A Brick
    oldredbrickco.com.auNobody can imagine receiving a brick as a gift. Send it out to someone who has hurt you. You can also write a naughty line on a brick to make them more irritated.
  7. Mayonnaise on a Letter
    www.taste.com.auWe love eating mayonnaise especially in burgers and sandwiches. But nobody would ever want to receive it in a mail sticking to a letter. Try this out and put lots of mayonnaise on a letter and a bit in envelope and send to your enemy.

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