Short girls are definitely cute and adorable but being short is not easy as well. Being short means you may not get to wear whatever you like, you might have to struggle to find appropriate clothes, might have to think twice before wearing flats and much more. If you rarely measure 5’3”, you would understand all this very well.

  1. Oversized Tees are not for you

    Oversized tees that look great on normal girls are not at all meant for short girls. Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts are out of reach for you. They do look more like dresses and thus defeating its purpose.
  2. Buying Jeans would be a Task

    Buying jeans would not be easy and you may not find anything on the first go. Finding right size would be very difficult and also you may have to make alterations to those. Maybe you would have to settle for something you don’t really like.
  3. You may never get to wear long dresses

    Because long dresses would be taller and longer than you! They would be so oversized that you just can’t possibly fit in them. Maybe you will have to eventually get them customized so that you can wear them.
  4. What is a Jumpsuit?

    You would never fit well in a jumpsuit and hence you may never get to wear them unless you get them stitched to fit you. You see all these attractive jumpsuits around you but you can only end up wishing they could fit you well enough.
  5. Crop Tops Feel like Normal Tops

    Crop tops are so in right now that you just have to get one. But when you wear them, there is no difference between a crop top and a normal top. You end up wishing that you could cut off a normal top and convert it into a crop top so that it would fit you just right.
  6. You can’t risk Shopping Online

    This is something which would mean wastage of time and money since rarely you would find something that would fit you well. You can never ever be sure of a size that would suit you well and you know that the item would only disappoint you.
  7. Midi Skirts would rarely work well on you

    Midi Skirts don’t look like midi skirts on you. They would look very awkward on you and don’t even look at the length. They look more like maxi dresses or somewhere in between. Basically, you would just have to give up the option of wearing midi skirts.
  8. Once in a while you shop in the Kid’s section

    You might have considered the option of shopping in kid’s section every now and then. Of course, that is also not meant for you. It is nothing less than a mental torture. You are stuck somewhere in between adult section and kids section.
  9. You think twice before wearing flats

    You may be tired of wearing heels but that is a necessity for you. Heels and stilettos make you look taller and hence you just have to wear those. Whenever you have to wear flats you think twice and are on a lookout of having another option.


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