8 Most Amazing Types Of Indian Wedding Jewellery That Every Bride-to-be Should Know. . .

Indian bridal looks incomplete without jewellery. Choosing right jewellery pieces with the dress enhances the bridal appearance. While the majority of Indian brides wear the inherited ornaments of their mothers, there are many who get stuck in deciding what to wear.  After all, it’s your big day and you have a right to hand pick everything of your choice that will make you stand out from rest of the crowd. If you are going to get married soon and struggling to find the right accessories, then take a look at these jewellery types that will make your buying decision much easier.

  1. Kundanwww.facebook.com

    Kundan is the most popular and expensive jewellery type which Indian brides love wearing on their wedding day. It has its roots from Mughal period and still considered as a perfect choice for a traditional bridal look. Many types of precious gems and stones are also used with kundan jewellery to give it a classical touch.

  2. Jadauwww.wedmegood.com

    Jadau is a kind of engraved jewellery which is very famous in Gujrat and Rajasthan. A variety of gems; sapphire, diamond, pearl, emerald and ruby etc. are used in jadau. In most of the pieces, a big stone is fixed in the center to give it a more subtle look.

  3. Meenakariwww.facebook.com

    Meenakari is bright colorful jewellery type which is originated from Rajasthan but widely available all over the world. The jewellery pieces are colored with flowers, peacocks and fish etc. Meenakari is often done on the reverse side of kundan jewellery pieces so that women can wear it from both the sides. You can find the most vibrant meenakari pieces from Delhi and Jaipur.

  4. Goldwww.fashioncentral.pk

    Gold jewellery has never been out of fashion. Many women still prefer to wear all gold on their wedding day. It is considered as a symbol of great Goddess Lakshmi. Another reason why brides-to-be chose to wear gold is its lasting shine and durability. Be it bangles, rings, earrings, necklace or any other piece of jewellery, gold is loved by all.

  5. Pachchikamallfashionhug.com

    If you want to wear classy yet traditional jewellery set on your wedding day but doesn’t want to spend much, then Pachchikam is a perfect choice for you. Pachchikam jewellery is mostly made of silver which makes it look similar to platinum. A variety of glass stones and colorful gems are also inserted which adds to its charm.

  6. Thewawww.facebook.com

    Originated from Mughal era in Rajasthan, thewa is a type of crafted jewellery which is not that popular today but still loved by many women who want to go for unique ornaments for their wedding day. The process of thewa jewellery making involves blending of 23k gold with colored glass and it takes artisans many days to make a piece.

  7. Diamondwww.pinterest.com

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There is no way a woman say no to diamonds and that is why many of them prefer wearing diamond jewellery on their wedding. Go for a simple diamond set or heavier, both the ways you are going to rock on your big day.

  8. Lacwww.pinterest.com

    Like other jewellery types, lac also known as lacquer is originated from Rajasthan. It is a waxy, thick substance which is often used with other pieces to strengthen their design. While lac is used on necklace, maang tikka and earrings etc., lac bangles are the most common of all. Wearing lac bangles is mandatory for Indian brides as a part of tradition.


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