9 Most Used ‘Hinglish’ Words We Indians Swear By. . .

Indians are making mark everywhere. Take this, for example. We have fused Hindi and English in our common conversations to come up with a new version called Hinglish. As evident by the name, it is the act of using Hindi words while speaking English. You too will admit to using that at least once.


Let us look at some of the most used Hinglish words that Indians can’t do without. Find out how many of these do you use in our conversation as well –

  1. Do this ‘Na’
    We use it all the time, even though it has no relevance but just for the sake of it. Adding ‘na’ to every sentence seems wonderful.
  1. That ‘toh’ I know
    It is like our moral imperative to use ‘toh’. This Hindi word may mean different things in different situations. Mostly it is used to question. The sentences like ‘I toh know him well’ or ‘You toh don’t know anything’ adds that extra spice to the sentence.
  1. Suno Boss, Ok Boss
    We do it all the time, everywhere. Ok Boss, Suno Boss is something that can be commonly heard at restaurants or theater or places where we are negotiating. We have this habit of referring everyone from waiter to bus conductor as boss.
  1. Haan, of course
    As if ‘Of course’ is not enough, we add ‘haan’ as well. It automatically adds some drama in the conversation.
  1. Auntyji
    Aunty is not sufficient in India. Where are your sanskars after all? It is Auntyji and Uncleji, always.
  1. Haww
    That’s our expression of surprise while conversing in English as well.
  1. First Class
    Ask anyone, ‘How are you?’ And the answer will be ‘First Class’. Although this word has no recognition in English, we Indians still use it in our everyday conversations.
  1. Time Pass
    It is defined as an act of doing things that do not matter. Example – What are you watching on TV? Nothing yaar, just time pass.
  1. Poor Joke
    This is the full form of PJ that we use all the time. It literally means a bad joke.

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