10 Major Struggles Of Being An Overweight Girl. . .

Girls who are plus-size have to face many weird situations which they hate most of the times. These are the struggles which we don’t even know about. Many girls who are overweight are very comfortable with their bodies but there are these people who make them feel really bad about themselves. Following are some of the struggles overweight girls have to face on a daily basis.

  1. People love calling with the names ‘fatty’, ‘teddy bear’ and ‘chubby’
    Will you please stop?
  2. All those stares and comments you get from friends and relatives; “OMG look at your belly, are you pregnant?”
    Yes I’m pregnant with big Mac and Large fries.
  3. Pinching of cheeks on daily basis since childhood


    I wish I could tell you how much I hate it.
  4. Aunties always have free advice to give to you to lose weight because ‘no one is going to marry you if you are fat’
    They’ll give you enough home remedies to start with or contacts of best gym instructors. Thank you aunt, I needed them so bad.
  5. Skinny people asking you ways of putting on weight
    I’d be more than happy to give you some. Want it?
  6. You never get the right size of the dress you like to buy
    And the plus size shops have no variety at all. Well, we do like to wear tank tops and skirts.
  7. You can’t borrow your friend’s nice cut dress because they think “you won’t fit in this one”
    Are you indirectly telling me that I’m fat?
  8. When you eat your favorite food on a cheat day
    How I missed you the whole week.
  9. You don’t like people who are skinny and they always eat too much but don’t get an inch of fat
    I just hate you.
  10. People teaching you that ‘you should be comfortable and proud of who you are’

    Thank you but I’ve always been comfortable. It’s you who make me feel the opposite.


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