11 Ordinary Things You Never Knew Had A Real Purpose. . .

We might be the first one to break this but folks, if you think you are using everyday things correctly, then think again! Well, no offenses but you got to read this and see it for yourself-

  1. The purpose of ‘little pocket’ on your denim watch-jeans-compressedabplive.in
    If you have an ancestor who was a gold miner, then the purpose of the little pocket on jeans might seem obvious to you. It was actually used to keep the pocket watch when jeans were first invented.
  2. The little hole at the end of measuring tape 1bYoutube
    Have you ever noticed a little hole at the end of a tape measure? Well, it is meant to measure a nail or screw safely by hooking it onto them.
  3. The arrow next to your fuel gauge symbol fuel-symbol-comparisonautobasictech.blogspot.in
    Ever wondered about an arrow next to the gas pump symbol on the instrumental panel? Well, the arrow tells you which side the gas tank is on. It comes handy when you are driving a rental car.
  4. The right way to use a bobby pin
    The groovy side of the bobby pin is actually the bottom of the pin and it should be facing the scalp while the smooth side should be visible. We know many people who have been using it upside down!
  5. The hole in the lid of ball point pen
    Many people think that the hole in the lid of a ball point pen is supposed to keep the pen from drying out but folks, that’s not the case. It is actually to lower the risk of suffocation in case a child is chewing on the cap.
  6. The mysterious blue side of an eraser
    Ever noticed the blue side of an eraser? Well, it is meant for removing pen ink. But it should be used on thick paper as it takes off a lot of paper with it.
  7. The right way to eat a tic-tac
    So you think that the little indentation on the lid of tic-tac is meant to seal it off. Well, it does but it also serves as a dispenser. We bet you didn’t know that.
  8. The dot next to camera on an iPhone
    The little dot is microphone and is meant for instances when you are using back camera.
  9. Little bump on “F” and “J” keys of a computer keyboard
    If you are a trained typist, you already be knowing that. The “F” and “J” keys are called the home keys where your index finger should rest. You can find your way without looking at the keyboard with the bumps on these keys.
  10. Actual use of the hole in the handle of your pot
    You might think that the hole in your pot is for hanging it. Well, it is meant to hold spoon as well.
  11. Little holes in Converse All Star shoes
    The main reason for the holes is ventilation while many people claim that they were originally made as basketball shoes. So, you can loop laces through the extra holes for a snug fit.

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