10 Genuine Struggles Only Skinny People Will Understand. . .

It is really challenging for overweight people to lose weight but for some, gaining weight is a big struggle. Skinny people often face many problems like chubby people because of their weight. That’s absolutely true. Here are the 10 genuine struggles skinny people have to put up with every day.

  1. Being called with names ‘skeleton’, ‘stick’, ‘toothpick’. I mean, seriously?
    gamebanana.comIt’s not funny at all.
  2. You can’t wear jeans or skirts without belts and that too without extra holes.
    www.buzzfeed.comWe are afraid that our jeans might fall off.
  3. People asking all the time “Don’t you eat anything?”
    www.tenor.coNo. I want to starve myself to death.
  4. People holding your wrists just to prove how tiny you are.
    walkingdead.wikia.comI know. I do that on a regular basis.
  5. You are the tiny one, so you are forced to sit in someone’s lap or in the middle of car seat.
    www.nmha.orgYou are very tiny. So just deal with it.
  6. No matter how much you eat all day, you don’t gain a single pound
    www.tenor.coIce cream, cakes, fries, burgers, donuts; nothing works.
  7. You can’t wear watch, bracelet or chain because it falls off your arm
    www.buzzle.comWe try to fix the belt size but it’s still loose. Why they never make it according to our wrist size?
  8. Overweight people often ask you tips to be skinny
    www.tenor.coIt’s simple, give me some of yours.
  9. People always advise you to be cautious on a windy day. Because you’ll get blown away.
    giphy.comHahaha you are too funny.
  10. Nobody will date you because you don’t look attractive at all.
    taylorswift.comSaying this is not attractive at all.

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