9 Things You Can Gift Someone Who Has A New Born Baby. . .

There is no greater feeling than embracing motherhood. From months of pregnancy to seeing your new born giggles and late night cries, each stage is an emotional affair for mothers. These new mommies deserve not only extra care but also special gifts which could make them feel super amazing. Do you know a friend who has just delivered baby and you are still struggling to find a gift for her? Then see these amazing gift ideas which your friend will definitely love:

  1. Spa Treatment
    www.hudsonvalleyresort.comAfter the delivery, moms work hard to look after baby without even thinking about themselves. From sleepless nights to feeding on time, she is always alert. Why not take her for a nice spa treatment? A nice body massage and facial will definitely give her relaxation and help relieve stress.
  2. Diaper Bag
    lollypop-kids.comWomen with babies always need a bag that has extra pockets and enough space to carry all the necessary items for them and baby. You can buy a stylish diaper bag for new mum which will be very functional and also look modern.
  3. Personalized Necklace
    www.etsy.comNo women will ever dislike jewellery gift. You can give her a nice necklace which has her baby’s name written on it or something similar in silver or gold which she can wear. Believe me she is going to love it and remember you every time she wears it.
  4. Memory Book
    www.kidlantis.comMothers remember each and every bit of the moments of their babies and love to write it down. Gift her nice keepsake book which has enough space to write all the beautiful moments and incidents she has of her baby. There are plenty of memory books in the market from one to five years or more.
  5. Nursing Pillow
    www.kidsandcouture.comA nursing pillow is a must have for new mom. It provides comfort and support to the baby and mom throughout the feeding process and is also used for other purposes. Gift a nice nursing pillow to the new mom. She’ll love you for this.
  6. Gift Cards
    www.behalf.comGift card is the best thing you can give to the new mom. It can be of her favorite salon, store or any coffee shop. You can also add a sweet note inside a card for personal touch.
  7. Baby Photo-shoot
    pixhome.blogspot.co.nzMothers love to capture each moment of their babies. Nowadays many women book photo-shoot for their new born. Gifting a photo session to the mom is the best gift which she is going to love a lot.
  8. Baby Carrier
    smartmomcenter.comGet her a nice and comfy baby carrier. She’ll need it especially when she is out of home and don’t want to carry a stroller. Baby carrier will not only be good for her but also for her husband.
  9. Food Basket
    foodtruckblog.infoNew mothers spend most of their time looking after baby especially in first few days after delivery that makes them occupied and they get less to no time for house chores. Gifting a nice food basket with fruits, granola bars, juices, chocolates, biscuits and other important stuff will make her day.

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