9 Types Of Shoes Every Man Needs In His Closet. . .

There are some types of shoes deemed necessary in every man’s closet. Shoes are indeed the most overlooked part of man’s dressing. The truth is that there are at least eight types of shoes that should be part of every man’s closet.
They will definitely change your entire style and you can see the heads turning around everywhere. Here are they –

  1. The Oxfords
    They are the classiest shoe that works with every formal dress. A black oxford is a must-have. You can pair it with just any formal attire.
  1. The brogues
    Brogues are Scottish creation and are adored by style experts for their classy feel. A pair of tan or navy oxfords will up your formal dress game instantly. They look best with suits and blazers too.
  1. The Chelsea boots
    You can find many variants in Chelsea boots so pick as per your personal choice. They look best in suede and leather.
  1. The driving shoes
    They are also called as moccasins and they are known for their comfort factor. These driving moccasins are easy to slip into and make for a versatile pair. In fact, they are a stylish alternative to sandals or boat shoes.
  1. Casual boots
    If you are always on the go or you are an adventure enthusiast, then go for casual boots. They go well with your casual wear also.
  1. Loafers
    Comfort and style come easy with loafers. You can pick them in neutral shades in suede or leather.
  1. Sneakers
    These off-duty shoes will be your best friend for weekend outings. You can wear them to clubs, a casual day out or even on a date. They make a great pair with denim.
  1. Espadrilles
    If you live by a beach or just heading over to a hot place, then invest in an espadrille for sure. They are great for those warm days when you skip on the sneakers plus they give you a comfort feel with their light fabric.


  1. Monk strap shoes
    Monk strap shoes are classy staple. They can be paired for a casual as well as formal look depending upon the material. Pick a suede one for casual dressing and leather one for formal ones.



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