10 Celebrity Photoshop Fails That Will Shock You. . .

Photoshop rules the glamor world. If you think that celebs are too perfect each time, you are mistaken. They too wake up with zits or have regular scars. It is just that they are all fixed with this magic wand. This magic wand is called Photoshop.


Most often, the celebs making the covers of fashion magazines get a touch-up and so they are photoshopped to look flawless. Here are 10 celebrity Photoshop fails that transformed the celebs and made them look far from reality –

  1. Frieda Pinto
    Frieda’s skin tone has been retouched with Photoshop and the difference is visible. She is made to look fair skinned while in reality, she is on the dusky side.
  1. Chitrangada Singh
    She appeared on the magazine cover of Vogue and looked way different from what she looks in the real life.
  1. Sarah Jessica Parker
    Can you spot those accentuated cheekbones? Well, that’s the Photoshopped image. Also, her face was stretched way too far and looks abnormally long.
  1. Kate Winslet
    She appeared on the cover of Glamour magazine and looks flawless but that’s how she got to touch up with the Photoshop. You can notice that the under eye wrinkles are gone and her skin looks smoother and younger.
  1. Priyanka Chopra
    She recently appeared on the cover of Maxim and it raised many eyebrows for her photoshopped underarms. The difference is evident.
  1. Kajol
    Everyone knows that Kajol is not fair skinned but here the dusky Bengali beauty’s cover picture has been photoshopped to look way fairer than in real life.
  1. Rani Mukherjee
    Rani is not only looking slimmer but fairer in all of these magazine covers. The reasons? Too much airbrushing and Photoshop.
  1. Sonakshi Sinha
    Anyone can clearly tell the difference Photoshop brought to her cover pictures. Sonakshi looks slimmer than she is in reality and her face is made to look chiseled.
  1. Fergie
    Fergie’s legs clearly look like of completely different sizes. Well, clearly a Photoshop fail.
  1. Jennifer Lawrence
    You can see that her face is accentuated more along with her collar bones. Also, her waist seems slimmer because it is airbrushed to look slim.





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