17 Most Hilarious Christmas Baking Fails Ever. . .

We enjoy cooking and baking throughout the year but during Christmas holidays, we are in full swing and try to make the most delicious stuff. Ideally, the food should taste and look great but that doesn’t always happen. Many people try too hard to copy other recipes and end up with absolute baking disaster. Even though their baked food look funny, we feel bad for them because they have to present their dishes to their friends and families. Here are the top 20 Christmas baking fails that are absolutely hilarious.

  1. Strawberries Santas can never look funnier than this. www.popsugar.com
  2. The melted snowman is not really happy with the sad look he got. www.lifebuzz.com
  3. Somebody seriously needs to learn using piping bag ASAP. herbeauty.co
  4. Perfect way to ruin your children’s excitement when they are anxiously waiting for their favorite christmas candies. mashable.com
  5. There is always a risk in following a recipe step by step. It turns out like this. www.popsugar.com
  6. She was clearly baking these candy canes for fun, look at those hilarious shapes. orzzzz.com
  7. These pops look like they are in serious pain. mashable.com
  8. This is the perfect example of how expectations are different than reality. www.popsugar.com
  9. Just one word to explain this ‘WAO’. orzzzz.com
  10. Look at these emoticons in the form of brownie bites. www.buzzfeed.com
  11. Practice makes a ‘snowman’ perfect. orzzzz.com
  12. We don’t call it fail, we call it complete disaster. www.lifebuzz.com
  13. Somebody turned the rosy cheeked Santa Clause into a horrific image. Keep it away from kids! mag-style.ga
  14. Didn’t even bother to at least color coordinate let alone make its shape perfect. mag-style.ga
  15. They paid great attention to ‘stacked part’ but what about the rest? www.lifebuzz.com
  16. Reindeer shape is acceptable but what’s up with the decorating part? www.lifebuzz.com
  17. A failed attempt to make a snowman candy which ended up looking like a funny mushroom. www.lifebuzz.com

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