16 Most Hilarious Tweets That Made Women Laugh Their Asses Off In 2016. . .

2016 has passed and it has left us with so many things to remember. Among these memories, there are many tweets on social media which not only went viral, but also were criticized and mocked by a large number of people. On the other hand there were many hilarious tweets which got famous because of their humorous content which made people laugh hard. Let us show you 16 of the funnier tweets of 2016 that will crack you up.

  1. Is there anything more natural than the force? twitter.com
  2. This is literally hilarious. Don’t you think? twitter.com
  3. Because, I love to carry everything in my purse. twitter.com
  4. That little girl’s confidence though. twitter.com
  5. Auto correct gone wrong. twitter.com
  6. There is no best feeling than this. twitter.com
  7. He seems like a dedicated boyfriend. twitter.com
  8. Well, he must have learnt that all those years. twitter.com
  9. That is most funny yet cutest tweet ever. twitter.com
  10. This has literally made me laugh so hard. twitter.com
  11. Hahaha who else can relate to this? twitter.com
  12. Hell yeah, every time! twitter.com
  13. This is so true. We did this so many times. twitter.com
  14. In love with this tweet so much. twitter.com
  15. Must agree, we all have tried this technique as kids. twitter.com
  16. This is my reaction to almost everything haha. twitter.com

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