10 Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2016 That Made Us Say WTF. . .

2016 was the year of unique beauty trends and styles. We came across many beauty hacks and new makeup ideas whereas on the other hand, there were weirdest fashion trends which we’d hesitant to try on ourselves. From rainbow highlighter to knife liner to crystal lips, this year showed us some bizarre make up styles. Check below top 10 beauty trends and moments of 2016 that will make you go WTF.

  1. Crystal Lips
    www.boredpanda.comWould you ever be interested in putting crystals on your lips? No? Well, that’s what circulated all over Instagram when New York based makeup artist posted some pictures of her crystal lips trend which she tried on few girls.
  2. Rainbow Highlighter
    www.fashionicide.comWe girls love putting on highlighter on our faces matched with our skin tones. But there are some girls, who opt for rainbow colored highlighter on their face which looks way too much. We saw people going crazy over this look on Instagram.
  3. Hidden Rainbow Hair
    www.boredpanda.comIn 2016, we saw this rainbow hair trending all over internet. It’s for girls who find it hard to decide which color highlight or streak they should get and end up getting rainbow hairs which can only be seen when hairs are up. We can’t find any reason to like this hair trend.
  4. Spray On Nail Polish
    thezoereport.comThe highlight of these beauty trends was ‘spray on nail polish’. It’s specifically designed for all those lazy girls who don’t want to make a little effort and apply nail paint themselves the other way. We find it a bit messy and waste of product. Have a look and decide yourself.
  5. Fur Nails
    blackgirllonghair.comThis furry nail trend has been stressing us out. How can we put this fur thing on our nails and then wash our hands, scratch our back or even go to toilet? That looks absolutely weird.
  6. Scorpion Nails
    www.huffingtonpost.caYes you read it right. We are not talking about drawing a scorpion picture, but actually putting a real dead scorpion on nails. This bizarre trend started in Mexico and appealed many women around the country. In this process, they stick dead scorpions on the nails and apply nail paint. This beauty trend does look cruel in every way and is dangerous too as the scorpion venom can kill a man in just few minutes.
  7. Knife Liner
    /www.realstylenetwork.comWe love applying eye liners as they enhance our looks. But this year, someone introduced us this knife shape eye liner which became a trend and was tried by many girls on Instagram. Would you ever try this too?
  8. Hologram Lips
    www.buzzfeed.comAnother trend that caught our attention in 2016 is hologram lips which mean blending your lip shade in 3 or 4 different colors. While some people find this trend chick and amazing, we believe this is just weird and doesn’t look normal.
  9. Rainbow Eye Brows
    www.bebeautiful.inAfter rainbow highlighter and rainbow hairs, another beauty trend that went viral was ‘rainbow eye brows’. How can you think of painting your brows in different colors and go out? It doesn’t look cool at all.
  10. Cheetos To Curl Your Hair
    www.huffingtonpost.caYes, you read it right. This lady curled her hair using ‘Cheetos’ and it actually worked. We can’t see the need of using cheesy chips on your hair while there are so many products in the market to do the job.

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