7 Misleading Movie Posters. . .

Movie posters should basically give an idea as to what the movie is about, what the theme is and what the spirit of the movie would be. Movie posters are the crux of advertising for that certain movie and hence are very important that they are done correctly. However, not all movie posters are done correctly and they end up giving a completely different idea of what that movie would be about. The aim shouldn’t be to just get an audience to see the movie; the aim should be to get the right audience to the theater. Here are few completely misleading movie posters:

  1. The Aviator, 2004

    The poster doesn’t seem like a war movie at all. This Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie was a huge hit and had got 11 Academy Award Nominations and even won quite a few. However, the poster of the film doesn’t give the slightest idea what the movie is based on.
  2. The Happening, 2008

    The poster of this movie would give you an idea that the film has some sort of 3Ds perspectives and such but this M. Night Shyamalan has nothing of the sort. Instead, the movie is about some sort of plant, which uses pheromones and forces human to commit suicide. The poster showed nothing that would give an idea of this.
  3. Ghoulies Series, 1983, 1988, 1991, 1994

    The poster of this horror series shows that some kind of monster is coming out of a toilet. However, in the entire first movie, there is only a two-minute scene of the same and that monsters do not literally come out of the toilet. In fact, in the other movies, there is no toilet scene at all.
  4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 2010

    The poster shows Hermione wandering helplessly which basically is just a 2-minute scene in the movie while the movie, which was realized in two parts, was about the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. This poster portrays Hermione as a helpless teenager, which in fact she was not.
  5. Vanilla Sky, 2001

    The movie has such mind-bending twists but the poster shows Tom Cruise just gazing off into the distance. Thus this movie poster doesn’t give any hint about what the movie would be about except for telling us that Tom Cruise starred in the film. The movie was exceptional but the poster was definitely not.
  6. Jerry Maguire, 1996

    The movie is a romantic comedy/drama plus has a sports theme. But the poster just has Tom Cruise and the tagline “Everybody loved him… Everybody disappeared” which doesn’t actually show what the theme of the movie is.
  7. A Single Man, 2009

    In this movie, Colin Firth plays the role of a suicidal gay man who is depressed after the death of his partner. Thus, this was completely misinterpreted by the poster, which actually shows him lying next to Julianne Moore. Moore plays a 10-minute supporting actress role in this movie. They do not have any romantic scenes which are what the poster shows. They later on rectified this by moving Julianne Moore’s to the background.

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