Siblings share a very bond that is special in its own way. This bond consists of warmth, love, affection, annoyance, irritation, anger and rivalry. The bond is not at all rosy but a sibling would always miss the other one if he or she is not home. This maybe one of the longest relationship of your life and it would be the one that would give you just as much annoyance as love. This is especially true if you have an elder brother. He would look out for you and annoy you just as equally. Here are few ways in which every big brother would annoy his little sister:

  1. When She is Sleeping

    Your elder brother may not let you sleep by playing the music loud, playing video games late into the night, talking silly and such. This can get very annoying especially when all you want to do is sleep. Another annoying thing that any sibling does when other is sleeping is doodling their face with markers or toothpaste. This prank never gets old.
  2. Borrow from her a lot

    Many times some brothers would borrow their sisters’ stuff just to annoy them. They may not use them ever but borrow something or the other frequently would definitely be very annoying because surely they won’t return that stuff anytime soon.
  3. Tapping her head

    Some brothers do this even if they are grown-up only because this would highly annoy their sister. They would tap the back of her head while walking by when she is busy doing something else like studying, having breakfast etc. Once or twice she may ignore it but then it would become highly annoying and she would get very angry.
  4. Making Silly Noises or Mimicking

    Elder brothers often resort to making silly noises or mimicking their sister when she is talking or busy doing something else just to annoy her. And this works well too. Making silly noises or mimicking her actions when she is busy talking to someone else or is on a phone call can get very annoying and can often lead to major arguments.
  5. Ignoring her

    Ignoring her deliberately when she is trying to talk to him can be very annoying. However, brothers often enjoy doing this and thus would end up annoying. This is even more annoying when she has something important to tell or maybe needs his help.
  6. Complaints to Parents

    Brothers often meddle a lot in their sisters’ lives. This normally is a cute mixture of care and an urge to tease her. This meddling often leads to complaints of parents and also telling something that shouldn’t have been told. This is, of course, more than annoying and also something that occurs between most of the siblings.
  7. Eating all her favorite food

    Someone eating all your favorite food or only leaving you a few of those would be definitely very annoying. Brothers quite often do this and the purpose is sole to annoy her.

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