Celebrities Who Aged Gracefully. . .

What is with celebrities and aging? As per the prevailing notion, celebrities are those who can never age; they are evergreen. Even the celebrities succumbed to this tremendous pressure of remaining forever young and as a result, they are always running after the latest cosmetic surgery. But the fact is that youthfulness is not everlasting; age is going to catch up with beauty sooner or later. There are a number of celebrities who have proven time and again that age is just a number. They have embraced their aging quite gracefully and in that process, have only got better with their age.
Let us look at some of the celebrities who aged gracefully:

  1. Julia Roberts
    Definitely, the first celebrity to top the list, Julia Roberts doesn’t seem to have lost her charm with age. Over the years the “Pretty Woman” star has grown to be prettier and can still give younger actresses a run for the money.

  2. Kate Winslet
    She stunned everyone with her charm and beauty in Titanic and it doesn’t look like age has been able to snatch her beauty. She is one of the actresses who are completely against cosmetic surgery and feels that it is immoral to tamper with one’s natural beauty.

  3. Helen Mirren
    When you look at Helen Mirren, you can only see how she has successfully defeated aging. Honesty and humor are her key to youthfulness, Mirren stated in a daily.

  4. Sheryl Crow
    She is a cancer survivor and says that she is enjoying the aging. She feels botox and other cosmetic surgeries make one artificial and older.

  5. Julianne Moore
    The “Still Alice” star hates botox as she feels it rob people of their natural look and beauty. With her charming smile, she knows how to wink back at aging.

  6. Salma Hayek
    The “Frida” and “Desperado” star states that one tends to feel old when one loses all the excitement in life. One needs to accept aging as a natural thing and she doesn’t mind wearing glasses while reading scripts.

  7. Oprah Winfrey
    When we are talking about aging with grace, we cannot leave Oprah, the media mogul, out of the list. She says when you age with an attitude you don’t feel old from within. If you are in love with yourself, you can beat the anxiety of aging.

  8. Madhuri Dixit
    The timeless diva of Bollywood has grown to be more beautiful over the years. A mother of two, she still retains her youthfulness and exuberance. Yet after so many years, she is still the dream girl of millions of Indians.

  9. Sushmita Sen
    The former Miss Universe may be aging in reverse as she is turning to be more graceful with each passing day. Her personality, smile, and aura are what make look her beautiful and no wonder, a number of women consider her their ideal.

  10. Sridevi
    She is the epitome of childish innocence and youthfulness. With her beauty and poise, she surely knows how to keep aging at bay. Neither she hides her age, nor she acts old; she remains at her true self and this is what has helped her look young.


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