Different Types of Bikini to flaunt Your Body Shape in Style. . .

So, the vacation period has already started and you have planned to visit the beach. You also have a secret desire to don a bikini and we must tell you, go ahead and buy it. Now, the fact is you have to know which type of bikini will suit your body shape. You will find varieties of bikini on display, but before that you need to understand your body shape. Let us look at some of the bikinis which you can wear to flaunt your body shape in style.

  1. Strapless Bikini
    If you have an hourglass shaped figure, then this bikini is absolutely perfect for you. Otherwise known as Bandini, this one is a strapless bra letting you flaunt your collar bone. The side boning gives you a perfect fit.

  2. String Bikini
    If you are skinny and want to make yourself look steamy, sport this bikini. The strings of the bra have a halter neck cut out and the lower portion has the strings on your waistband which is sure to heat the things up. But if you are heavily busted and have heavy thighs, don’t buy this one.
  3. Tankini
    This one is for all body shapes. Tankini is one of the modern and recent types of bikini floating in the market. It is designed in the form of a tank top which has straps at the shoulder. It is paired up with either a contrasted or a matching bikini bottom.
  4. High Neck Bikini
    If you are a sports person and is looking forward to beach sports this year, then this one is the perfect for you. This type of bikini is less revealing; the upper part of the bikini consists of a high neck tube which covers the major portion of your bust. The bikini bottoms are usual. This is a good pick as it keeps you comfortable and covered up during sports.

  5. Microkini
    Well, buy this one if you are courageous enough to carry it off in public. The reason is this one is skimpy enough only to cover your private parts. Only a few strings are there to keep them covered enough.
  6. High waisted bikini
    If you are not comfortable with revealing your waistline too much and yet cannot resist the temptation of wearing a bikini, this one is for you. The bikini bottom is high waist and slits at the naval with a halter neck cut-out bra top.
  7. Flounce Bikini
    If you want to highlight your bust line and other curves with a different style of bikini, then you should try out the flounce bikini. This has a flounced halter top and makes you look dazzling and cool.
  8. Fringe Bikini
    Another great pick for slim women, the fringe bikini has fringes attached to the bikini top which gives you a sensual appeal.
  9. Skirtini
    This is quite a funky bikini with a skater skirt attached to the bikini bottom.
  10. Trikini
    A perfect bikini for skinny women, this is often termed as “a handkerchief and two small saucers”. This is because the bikini top consists of two triangular pieces of fabric and a hanky style bikini bottom.

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