Brutally Honest Excerpts Of The Sun Signs. . .

If you are reading this post, then definitely you are curious to know about your or your special someone’s sun sign. It is that one subject, everyone gets fascinated with. Most of the times, sun sign reading is all about the good things and we pretty much like to read them every now and then. But then, the sun signs also bear testimony to all the bad things about you. So come read the most brutally honest excerpts of the sun signs and feel little ashamed –

  1. Aries (21 March – 19 April)
    Aries are little obstinate and egoist. Basically, they are on the ego trip most of the time. They react too soon and are on maniac trips. They are very demanding people who have a short temper on top of it. Basically, it is best to avoid them.
  2. Taurus (20 April – 20 May)
    They are stubborn little pricks who swear by comforts. They are so stubborn that once they make up their mind, it is cast in stone. They are those lazy ass bums who won’t even clean the dust gathered on their timepiece.
  3. Gemini (21 May – 21 June)
    They are mysterious, confused souls who do never ever have a clear idea about their lives. There is a list of bad qualities that they can easily imbibe – being fake, hysterical, greedy, superficial and whatnot. They are basically two-faced so don’t expect them to make sense, like ever!
  4. Cancer (22 June- 22 July)
    They are too emotional like they are on an emotional trip every now and then. Remember the four-year-old who keeps whining for not getting his favorite candy. They are cancerian for you. Emotionally wrecked psycho is an underrated word for them.
  5. Leo (24 July- 23 August)
    You will always find them on ego trip for being a lion, but guess what?! You are not even close. You are simply an overconfident prick who finds others intolerant. You need to come to the ground and live in the actual world.
  6. Virgo (24 August- 24 September)
    They are great storytellers. In fact, they excel in making random shit up. They also have ego problems, lots of them actually. They are always rushing things and expecting people to do things for them.
  7. Libra (24 September- 23 October)
    They think that they are the center of the universe; like the whole world revolves just around them. They are worse at handling criticism. They like to be showered with praises all the time. They are unreliable and disgusting pricks who tend to be greedy all the time.
  8. Scorpio (24 October- 23 November)
    They are filled with dark secrets, lies and crap till the throat. Also, they are always planning to take revenge. Not to mention, the world’s most hired assassins are Scorpios.
  9. Sagittarius (23 November — 21 December)
    They are losers and overconfident pricks who love to brag. No one can live with them. A part of you wants to sit back and relax while other part wants to philosophies life. The two sides of Sagittarius people never meet, unfortunately. They are a show-off and plain stupid.
  10. Capricorn (22nd December to 20th January)
    They are just stubborn and pig-headed individuals who can spoil any party with their grumpy mood. They make cynical remarks which are never appreciated and are always talking about their sorry life to others.
  11. Aquarius (21st January to 18th February)
    People will either like them or not at all. There is no midway. They are lazy-asses who just like to rant about anything and everything sitting on their chairs. They are unpleasant, unattached and love to live aloof.
  12. Pisces (19th February to 20th March)
    They avoid difficulties so much that they are always ready to run away in their sports shoes. They are calm so are never good at confronting things. They are overly sensitive humans who are intolerant to many things.

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