6 Types Of Beards And What They Say About You. . .

Facial hairs and beards are considered to be a sign of masculinity and machismo since ages. While today, it has become a fashion statement.  Boys and men of all ages have now started growing beards or mustaches just to make a fashion statement. There are now various types and kinds of beard styles and facial hairstyles, which a man can keep and can, appeal people. Though, not every type of beard or facial hairstyle can suit someone and can be found appealing. It all depends on whether a man can carry it properly or not. Here are few types of beards and what it will say about you:

  1. Full Beard
    This full beard look is also known as an “older man’s beard”. This look was initially adopted by men of older age but nowadays-younger boys also adopt this look. This beard gives a very serious look and is often associated with a scholarly and intelligent look. Full beards also have strong religious associations like Jesus or Moses.
  2. Circle Beard
    This one is often known as the “standard beard”. This beard is a great combination of rounded goatee beard and a mustache. This look would look great on those who has round and oval face. However, to achieve this look the guy would need some patience and would have to avoid over shaving. It would make you look very neat and smart.
  3. Goatee
    This look started trending in mid-90’s and has stuck since then. Some people still prefer to keep this look but there are much more trendy beard styles that one can adopt and thus can make you look like you are somehow stuck in past or can give an impression that you lack fashion sense. However, the look is surely impressive.
  4. Extended Goatee
    This style is also known as the tailback or ‘Hollywoodian’. The extended goatee started trending soon after Goatee looks started and is a great combination of a mustache and a goatee. To achieve this look you will have to take off the hair on the sideburns and would need to grow medium stubble before getting the look. An extended goatee would look great on those men who have an oval or square face.
  5. Garibaldi
    This beard look is for that man who wants to try something unkempt. In this style, you will need to trim your beard only once in a while. However, a lot of patience is needed to achieve this look since you will have to let your facial hair grow for approximately 4-5 months. But do trim the beard from the lower area so as to make it look round. This style will make you look smart, sexy and would give you a rough look too.
  6. Imperial Mustache
    The imperial mustache has been in style since ancient times when emperors used to keep this look. This mustache would highlight your face and would make you look very royal. To achieve this look, avoid shaving for few weeks until you have grown mustache long enough to be shaped. This mustache will look great on someone who has a rectangular or oblong face.

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