7 Best Photos That Have Been Taken With iPhone. . .

iPhone photography has now slowly taken over DSLRs. iPhone camera gets better with every new phone launch and there are many tutorials explaining how to get the best out of your iPhone camera. Some people even spend a lot of time mastering iPhone photography and editing techniques. There are many photographers nowadays who have replaced their DSLRs with iPhone and they are now also called iPhoneographer. A photo contest specifically for iPhone photographers namely iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) had been launched in 2007 and has been running since then and today people from all around the globe participate in this contest. Here are few outstanding photos that have been taken with iPhone:

  1. Sounds of the Old Town time.com This photo has been taken by Michal Koralewski through iPhone 5S. The photo taken in Black&White is so expressive and beautiful that it won the first prize in IPPAWARDS Contest of 2015. The photo is perfectly captured and the Black&White effect adds much more to this photo.
  2. The Man and the Eagle Processed with VSCOcam with a8 presettime.com The Grand Prize Winner of 2016’s IPPAWARDS Photographer of the Year Award was given to Siyuan Niu of China. He won an iPad Pro for this photo which is of a tough 70-year old tough man named Khalkha with his wild and trained golden eagle. This photo has been taken in Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang, China. He captured this photo with his iPhone 5S which he frequently uses to capture moments around him.
  3. Modern Cathedrals ippawards.com The First Prize of 2016’s IPPAWARDS 2016 was given to a graphic designer namely Kuleta who is from Poland. His image is an impressionist look at the longstanding architectural structure. He won a gold bar and an Apple Watch Sport for this image. His photograph is very mysterious and according to him, he wanted to make it somehow impressionistic so as to show architecture in a completely unique way so as to make it look like a mixture of design and graphic design.
  4. She Bends with The Wind ippawards.com The Second Prize of 2016’s IPPAWARDS was awarded to Robin Robertis of USA. She won an Apple Watch Sport and a Palladium Bar for this image. She travels the world to capture emotionally compelling and unique images. She was out to photograph a perfect sunset when she clicked this one. She enjoys capturing human aspects in some beautiful natural scenes.
  5. Café Birds time.com David Craik won the Second Prize of 2015’s IPPAWARDS for his image which he had taken via his iPad Mini. He is a self-taught photographer and had taken this image in a café in a fishing town of Dorset. He has edited this image via Pixlr to lighten it up.
  6. Before Sunset ippawards.com Yvonne Lu won the Third Prize of 2015’s IPPAWARDS, which shows an elderly couple napping on each other’s shoulder. The photo is very expressive and the sunlight falls beautifully on them, which adds the essence to this photo. The photo clearly captures the bond between the couple.
  7. Wonderland ippawards.com Carolyn Mara Borlenghi of USA won the Third Prize of 2016’s IPPAWARDS for her series that she did for Instagram’s #WHPWonderland. She is a conceptual photographer and has had exhibitions in many galleries in the United States. This photo was taken on the weekend before Christmas, which for her was the wonderland. Her son and she were on a beach where they wore reindeer masks and got this photo clicked.

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