Most Good-Looking Soccer Players of All the Time. . .

Move over Messi, Ozil, Christiano Ronaldo and Beckham; we have a host of new soccer players on the field who are not only great players but are also women go weak over their good looks.
Let us see the 10 most handsome soccer player of the new millennium.

  1. Thibaut Courtois
    He is a Belgian goalkeeper and plays for the Chelsea. He played the FIFA World Cup 2014 against Brazil on 13th May 2014 and from his arrival on the field, he charmed his male and female fans alike with his suave look.

  2. Asmir Begovic
    He also belongs to the Chelsea Football Club and is of Bosnian and Herzegovinan origin. He is 28 years has got that passionate expression which can make any female fans go weak in the knees. Fluent in four languages English, Germany, French, and Bosnian, he also endorses goalkeeper gloves for the Seals Officials Store.

  3. Cesc Fabregas
    The Spanish footballer doesn’t only play exceedingly well, but his sense of style and personality is what has given him thousands of female fans. He plays as a midfielder and is associated with the Arsenal. He made his debut in 2006 and was also a part of that year’s FIFA World Cup.

  4. Claudio Marchisio
    This blue-eyed Italian player is known for his swag and girls go berserk on his six-pack well-toned abs. His conventional good look is complemented with the well-trimmed stubble. He is 30 years old and plays for the Italian National Team and Juventus Football Club.

  5. James Rodriguez
    The Colombian National Team and Real Madrid Player has already won the hearts of a number of women. His exceptional good looks complemented with a good height and chiseled abs is what makes women go crazy over him. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, he emerged as the top scorer in the entire continent and also scored the goal of the tournament.

  6. Neymar
    Neymar Jr. is regarded as the poster boy of the Brazilian Football Team when he debuted in the FIFA World Cup 2010. He is now the captain of the Brazilian Football him and can scare any defender from the opponent team with his superb pace and wonderful footwork. With a dazzling smile which can blow out your mind, he has a good figure to die for. He sports different hairstyles which are his trademark sign.

  7. Mario Gotze
    The player of German nationality is a charming young guy with a sparkle in his eyes which can make any women go crazy. Not only for his good looks, he is appreciated for his attack as a midfielder and exceptionally well dribbling skills. He plays both for the German National Team and German Bundesliga club.

  8. David Villa
    The current most popular Spanish player is known both for his playing techniques to his male followers and exceptionally good looks to his female fans. Known for sporting different hairstyle, he also has an appealing personality. He scored the maximum number of goals in Euro 2008 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup gave him the silver boot.

  9. Ricardo Kaka
    He is one of the most attractive soccer players in the world. His fascinating eyes with a charming personality have already won him a number of female followers. He became the World Soccer Player of the Year in 2007 and is now playing for the Brazil National Team and the Orlando City club.

  10. Iker Casillas
    The Spanish football player is known for his good looks and intense eyes. One of the successful captains of Spanish Team, he is a goalkeeper and is known for his defending skills.


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