Romantic relationships are never easy. Even a constant, long-term and stable relationship would need some working on from both the persons involved. And it is just very human to develop some unhealthy habits that can have a negative effect on your relationship. Relationships may withstand long-distance, some dramas, typical mood-swings, some weird habits but not some unhealthy relationship habits. They can most definitely slowly poison your relationship and the irony is rarely people realize that this habit is what is harming their relationship. Here are few such toxic habits that most people think are normal:

  1. Checking Phones
    It is very easy to scroll through someone’s messages, call logs and such. However, this may seem to be a very small thing but it actually shows that you don’t trust your partner. This is something that many couples face but it is not at all healthy. Have trust that your partner will share all important and silly stuff with you; you don’t need to find all that by snooping around.
  2. Keeping Scores
    Relationship is all about give and take. However, many couples or one of the partners have a habit of keeping score. Let bygones be bygones and don’t keep on reminding the person what he/she had done on a certain occasion. Don’t keep bringing all that in some silly argument. Don’t use certain wrong doing that was in the past to justify today’s action. It will only ruin the chemistry that you guys have.
  3. Never Lie
    Be it about how you feel or something you have done, never ever lie. You may think a little lie is not going to hurt or that you are lying to protect your partner but that’s again a lie. The most verbal lie in a relationship is “I am Fine”. It is better to be honest and let your feelings out. Bottled up feelings will make things worse.
  4. Stop the Blame Game
    Sometimes after a bad day, you tend to get frustrated and blame the partner for small insignificant things. If that is happening rarely, it is okay but do not make it a habit. Once in a while, your partner would understand your frustration but if that happens frequently, your partner will only get tired of your behavior.
  5. Dropping Hints
    Whatever is in your mind or whatever are your desires, just say it loud and clear. Do not drop hints and hope that your partner will pick them up because they understand you well. There are chances that your partner may not pick them up and that may not go well with you. It also shows that you have a communication issue. Instead state your feelings openly and keep transparency.
  6. Control what you share with Friends
    Sharing stuff with friends is very natural but there should be a limit as to what to share and how much to share. Do not over-share stuff about your relationship. Some things are meant to be between you both only and keep it that way. This is indeed very toxic, no matter how close that friend is, but don’t let others into your personal life.

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