Not every beauty product is healthy for your skin. There are some beauty products that would eventually harm your skin and hence it is better to avoid some of these products. Skin care experts and dermatologists often advise not to use certain products since they don’t really work the way they should work. Here are few beauty products that should be avoided:

  1. Antiperspirants

    Antiperspirants contain such high doses of aluminum salts, which would have devastating effects on the body. The possible effects that it can have on your body can be the reproductive failure, breast cancer, and ovarian lesions. There are higher possibilities of breast cancer since applied deodorant would be very close to your chest. Also, studies show that if your armpits are shaved and then antiperspirant is applied, the risk increases. Thus, this should be surely avoided.
  2. Mineral Makeup

    In a certain study conducted by FDA where they examined more than 400 make-up products, the common ingredient found was mineral pigment. This study was conducted in Canada and all the mineral makeups had 90% beryllium, 96% lead and four of heavy metals. Though these metals if consumed in small amounts won’t cause harm but when they get built up over time, they can increase a risk of facing health problems.
  3. Hair Straighteners

    Many hair straighteners which actually are keratin-based normally contain a considerable amount of such chemicals that can cause cancer. Sometimes the label does claim that the product is “formaldehyde-free”. If formaldehyde is sprayed in or near eyes, it can lead to blindness. Some accidents too have been reported by salon workers and consumers. The accidents sometimes have led to causing of vomiting, rashes, chest pain, eye disorders, respiratory problems and such.
  4. Permanent and Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes

    Many studies have been conducted regarding what effect does permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes have on human health. It is found out that long usage of these hair dyes can lead to bladder cancer, multiple myelomas, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Long time usage of these hair dyes can also give you certain various allergic reactions. Better option to cure those gray hairs is to opt for home remedies.
  5. Vitamin A in Sunscreen

    Government researchers have found out that a certain ingredient known as Retinyl Palmitate or commonly known as Vitamin A Palmitate, which is used in most of the sunscreens, can cause skin cancer when exposed to sunlight. A version of Vitamin A known as Retinol is used only in night creams since it should never be applied during day time. Another sunscreen ingredient known as oxybenzone can cause health issues such as cell damage, hormone disruption, and allergies.
  6. Abrasive Scrubs

    According to few skin experts, too much scrubbing and too much usage of abrasive skin products can lead to loss of protective oils, early aging and creation of micro tears. Thus, it is advisable to use mild scrubs and that too only twice a week approximately.

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