In the times where we are more dependent on our smartphones and laptops than watches to check time, there are such creative watches manufactured that it will make you grab one immediately. However, owning a watch today is more about making a fashion statement than about the necessity to check time. It is about showing your personality and makes an important part of your attire. Here are few most creative watches ever manufactured and they sure show how the watchmakers have taken it to an altogether a new level:

  1. Astronomical Watch

    This watch is also known as The Midnight Planetarium. The watch is a truly incredible piece of design, craftsmanship and designing. Apart from showing time, the watch also very accurately shows the movement of planets in our Solar System. The movement of 6 planets ie Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is represented by different colored stones that represent each planet. The watch took 396 pieces and 3 years to complete and is valued at $245,000.
  2. Skull Watch

    The Skull Watch is a part of HYT Collection. This watch is very creatively made and is surely extraordinary. The watch will make a striking and powerful impression and its bold design is supported by the brand’s signature fluid mechanism. This watch required an extensive background work, has the skull whose diameter is less than a millimeter and is centered on capillary’s four angles.
  3. Memory Inspired Melted Wristwatch

    These distorted and melting clocks depict the irregular and inconsistent passage of time that we experience while dreaming. Salvador Dali’s Memory inspired melted wristwatches have attracted many interpretations and some say that they symbolize Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. However, these watches are now one of the most recognizable art pieces of the 20th century.
  4. Hand-painted Poetic Wish Watch

    Van Cleef & Arpels collection of Poetic Wish Watches are those that give equal importance to both emotional interest and functionality. These watches are based on a love story based in Paris and the story gets furthered with each watch. This couple looks at each other longingly from a distance and sometimes meets on bridges at midnight. The dials are very beautiful and are completely handmade; each having a totally different painting, forming, engraving and setting.
  5. Geeky Equation Watch

    This is a very cleverly designed watch which replaces hours with equations that would equal that number. For example 3 would be represented by an equation showing cube root of 27 and 4 would be represented by 11 base 3. Thus this would be a perfect watch for those who love mathematics and would enjoy some geeky change.
  6. The Ora Unica Watch

    Ora Unica is a watch manufactured by Italian brand NAVA and is designed by Italian designer Dennis Guidone. This watch has replaced normal hands with a squiggly line and one end of this line represents hands while the other end represents minutes. It actually seems that the line is a single one when in reality there are two different lines which are printed on a transparent circular disc.
  7. Earth And Moon Watch

    This watch is designed by a Russian designer Alexander Sorokin and is made in a very elegant stainless steel case. The moon represents the hour while earth represents the minutes. The watch will come with an inbuilt GPS, which would let you see on which side of the planet you are at present.

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