While the internet has been going crazy over what Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan have named their child, they are not the only ones who have chosen a weird name for their child. There are many people who might be embarrassed by their names and thus change their names while there are some who keep those names for life. Some names are funny and some are just weird. Here are few such names that would make you laugh:

  1. Hitler Mussolini

    Well, this guy’s parents must really love history to name him after Hitler. It surely takes a lot of courage and affection for Hitler to name your child after him.
  2. Rowdy Negro

    It is only imaginable what this person would have undergone during his school and college days. While “Negro” as a last name was not enough, the guy has got “Rowdy” for the first name. No wonder he has to add this last line below his photo.
  3. Stef Craps

    Stef is a completely normal name but Craps as the last name is not. Saying “Mr Craps” might get weird for some people.
  4. Batman Bin Suparman

    Maybe the parents couldn’t decide whether to go with Batman or Suparman and hence decided to give both the names to their child. This is not only weird but also very hilarious.
  5. Uranius Johnson

    This is very a funny yet inspired name. It makes you wonder how much the parents would love the planets to name their child after one.
  6. Richie Rich

    This name makes you wonder whether the guy would actually be having a Richie Rich type of lavish lifestyle or maybe his parents wanted him to achieve that in his life.
  7. Jurassic Park

    This definitely would make anyone wonder why someone would name their child after a movie franchise. The name is very hilarious and having “Jurassic” as a first name would not be easy for the person either.
  8. Oliver Loser

    This person definitely would have very gotten a very hard time during his school and college days. It surely is a question why would anyone put up with “Loser” as their last name and not get it changed.
  9. Phat Ho

    This New York City driver is named Phat Ho. This definitely is a very hilarious and weird name.
  10. Lord Brain

    Well this guy has definitely done justice to his name.

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