We all go through those days where all we want to do is stay in bed and cry. Nothing feels right and maybe all you want is a little break. Whatever the reason for that feeling but maybe nothing else would lift those feelings as watching a good movie and having some popcorn would. But what is important here is picking the right movie for the same. The movie should either remind you how beautiful life is and should be so crazy that it would make you forget all your issues at once.
Here are few movies that you can watch when you are feeling low:

  1. Lost In Translation
    This movie was released in 2003 and is a complete masterpiece. The movie won an Oscar for the best Screenplay. The movie is a journey of two people who discover friendship with each other when both are in difficult times. The film is very intimate and will definitely touch your soul. It basically is a perfect movie for introverts.
  2. The Pursuit of Happiness
    This 2006 movie starring Will Smith will definitely lift your spirits. It is very inspirational. It is about a father who struggles to take custody of his son while fighting financial issues. Their journey consisted of being forced out of their apartment to sleeping on streets is very motivating. The story shows how he fights all obstacles and becomes a Wall Street legend.
  3. Little Nicky
    The movie is about Adam Sandler who is one of Satan’s three sons and faces a big challenge when his evil brothers try and replace their father to take over Earth. It is not a great movie and some may also find it ridiculous. But the movie would surely distract you from all your issues.
  4. Legally Blonde
    This movie is for those students who find it difficult to fit in their school or college. This movie would surely boost up the confidence of such students who find school or college very tough mostly because of the crowd. The story is about a girl Elle who didn’t fit in the crowd but eventually ended up winning everyone’s hearts. The movie shows how this girl transformed for the better.
  5. 127 Hours
    127 Hours is about a mountain climber who gets trapped in a canyon. It is a story of how he manages to survive and how he had to resort to desperate survival measures for 127 Hours till he is rescued. It shows how important it is to never ever give up.
  6. Life of Pi
    Life of Pi is a survival drama film and is a story of a man who survives a storm and only has a Bengal tiger and a hyena for the company. The story is a beautiful tale of perseverance and friendship. The story basically teaches you that life is an adventure.
  7. Amelie
    This French film shows you how important it is and how rewarding it is to do some good deeds. The story is about Amelie who finds a keepsake and went out to search the owner of the box. His response on discovering the box overwhelms her and she continues to do good deeds. It is a very adorable movie.

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