12 Signs You Are A True Adventure Seeker. . .

Do you have an adventurer spirit? Well, if you tend to think about the historical travelers like Christopher Columbus and that ignites travel spark in you, then you sure are an adventure junkie. Here are the tell-tale signs to qualify you as an adventure junkie –

  1. You have mastered the art of packing light and you can actually fit in your essentials in a 50L backpack.
  2. You can skip shopping for camping in the wild or lying under the stars.
  3. You know at least ten languages. If not, you certainly know how to ask for directions and start the basic conversation in them.
  4. Road is your home. Your home is actually a pit-stop to gear up for the next adventure.
  5. Getting freebies like air ticket or all-inclusive resort booking is something that excites you beyond measures.
  6. You have mastered the art of reading maps and finding your way back when you are lost.
  7. You have a perennially growing bucket list that is full of adventure activities and daring activities like sky diving, caving or white water rafting.
  8. If adventure comes calling, you can pack your bag in less than 30 minutes and will be out of your home in two.
  9. You have tried more species of animals or weird foods than you can count on your fingers.
  10. You find adventure anywhere and everywhere, even in the ordinary.
  11. You are a gadget and gear lover. You have probably more than two Swiss knives, some emergency travel tools, backpacks, a sleeping bag, and tent.
  12. A hot shower is a luxury for you and not a necessity.

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