8 WTF Family Traditions Which You Have No Idea Why They Exist In Your Family. . .

Do you think that your family is weird with rituals? Then you are not alone. There are many people out there who have a hard time figuring out the weird traditions their families follow. Most of these people feel that they need a new tradition or a new family altogether.


If you are a victim of strange family traditions, then you can totally relate to this post with 8 WTF traditions from around the world as reported by some people on Reddit. Here are those 8 traditions that will make you question your existence –

  1. Slapping turkey on Christmas
    Whatever is cooked for dinner – turkey or goose, the tradition is to slap it with some force. The ritual of slapping is done while the turkey is getting roasted in the pan. Your grandma will say it’s a tradition. But no one knows why.
  2. Slapping on getting the first period
    It is a Jewish custom in which the mother will slap the daughter for getting her first period. No once known the ‘why’ behind this one.
  3. Throwing a cream pie on your partner’s face
    According to one Reddit user from Hawaii, if someone from his family is dating for a long time then the grandma or the eldest one will throw pie as a welcome to the new family.
  4. Uncooked potato for good luck in exams
    As per one family tradition, whenever someone is out to give an important exam, then he will carry one uncooked potato with them. It is for good luck.
  5. Whoever gets the last bite gets a gorgeous partner
    This one is a common superstition in India amongst siblings. They will fight over the last bite of whatever meal they are sharing. This will indicate getting a gorgeous partner.
  6. The Puberty Cake
    As weird as it can get, in some families, there is a tradition of cutting the cake when male kids hit puberty.
  7. Ukrainian folk songs
    According to a Reddit user, his girlfriend, who was a Ukrainian had a strange tradition in her family. When she was in elementary school, her father will wake up all the kids around 2 hours early for the school and then will play the Ukrainian folk songs. The kids have to sing along and they will be rated from 1 to 10.
  8. Iris Catholic Jenga or Pass The Spoon
    The ‘Pass the spoon’ is a tradition or more like a game played during thanksgiving dinner by some families. After everyone is done eating, someone will put whatever on the spoon and pass it to the right. They can put pepper, hair, booze, food or whatever they feel like and it is being passed until someone spills the content. Whoever spills, has to eat it all.

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