Top 10 Indian Memes that Broke The Internet In 2016. . .

2016, despite of its many troubles and sad moments, brought us some hilarious memes which nearly broke the internet and made this year a little bearable for us. We came across many hilarious jokes, tweets and memes which got viral all over the internet and made us laugh harder. Check our list of top 10 memes which will make you laugh a lot, we promise.

  1. Aishwarya Rai Bachan’s purple lipstick at Cannes 2016 Former Miss World Aishwarya always stuns at Cannes film festival and become the highlight all over the world. In Cannes 2016, we were expecting Aish to come up with her breathtaking avatar once again but she failed us this time. The reason was her ‘purple lipstick’ which was trolled by many all over the
  2. Baba Ramdev’s Funny India Today Cover Baba Ramdev made a surprisingly weird pose on the cover page of India Today magazine which shocked everyone. Unfortunately, he became a victim of internet trolls and funny
  3. When Shilpa Shetty quoted wrong about a book and got trolled Shilpa Shetty mentioned about a book ‘Animal Farm’ by mistake and become the victim of funny text memes. The book has nothing to do with animals care and hence, Shilpa’s comment was trolled by
  4. Aamir Khan’s body transformation for Dangal Our very own Mr. Perfectionist ‘Aamir Khan’ shocked everyone with his amazing transformation for Dangal. While we were very impressed with this new look of Aamir Khan, turning his photos into funny memes was much
  5. Randeep Hoooda’s transformation for Sarbjit Another actor who has given us remarkable performances was trolled when his picture came out showing his surprising transformation for the movie ‘Sarbjit’
  6. Tiger Shroff’s leg lift pose Tiger Shroff may not have given us amazing movies but he surely had made his name in Bollywood due to his stunning dance moves. He is currently one of the best dancers of our industry. In 2016, Tiger posted a picture of himself with one leg up. Social media didn’t take a second and created hundreds of funny memes with his
  7. When Virat Kohli defended Anushka Sharma Earlier in 2016, Virat Kohli lashed out on his Instagram addressing all those who blamed his alleged girlfriend Anushha Sharma for his poor batting performance. Virat posted this picture along with a status and people reposted his picture in a funny
  8. When Narendra Modi’s wax statue was unveiled Modi was among those famous figures placed in the Madam Tussauds. Modi’s statue striked a Namaste pose while dressed in his signature shalwar suit. Social media made some hilarious jokes regarding Modi’s
  9. Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘One Indian Girl’ Chetan posted a photo of his book ‘One Indian Girl’, resting on the ledge with a beautiful background of Greek Islands. He asked others to take photo of this novel with the similar backgrounds but people did it other
  10. Modi again Modi went to China in 2016 for Hangzhou Summit where many global leaders came together to talk about international issues such as terrorism and business. This photo was perfectly captured where Modi is seen pointing his finger at Barack

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